Narendra Modi Birthday: Top 5 books on Narendra Modi for good insight into his life

Need some interesting insights into PM Modi’s life, read these 5 books on Narendra Modi

17th September is the date when India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates his birthday. This year has been a challenging year for PM Modi and it will mark 70 years of his presence. PM Modi is not just a popular leader in India, but the world also recognizes him as a force. You might see many news packages on Prime Minister in the media and think that you know almost everything about him. But it is not true. If you seek to know more about the current Prime Minister of India, these books should find a place in your bookshelves or on the online wishlist.

1.  The Modi Effect

A former BBC correspondent, Lance Prince talks about the over-whelming majority that BJP got. He has beautifully portrayed the story behind his campaign so that you can have a rare insight into the great Indian general election. Price writes that Narendra Modi’s team’s use of state-of-the-art digital technology is a great example of how to use social media in an election campaign. He has also talked about the invention of “virtual Modi”, using a 3D hologram image, and how it helped him to reach every corner of the country. The book is a must-read if you are looking for a detailed chronicle of how Modi’s campaign was designed and behind the scenes of a successful strategy. The book is already famous among bibliophiles. Also, a sequel to the book is also expected to come with a complete U-turn!

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2.  Narendra Modi Biography 

Narendra Modi: A political biography, written by Andy Marino, British writer, takes us through the vision of Prime Minister Modi and elaborates his life and work. A detailed political growth of the PM has been elaborated in the book along with his philosophy. The biography dives into the political motives and discloses his political plan for India. If you are looking to decode idealism and attitude of PM Modi, this book is a must-read to know his early life and his controversial stands.

3.   Narendra Modi: The Gamechanger

This book has some never seen, never spoken or never heard stuff which the writer has accumulated by spending time with the PM and going through his multiple interviews. Although the book only talks about the good things about the PM, it is a must-read as it contains the inspiring story of the PM’s journey from a Pracharak to the Prime Minister of the country.

4.    The Election that Changed India

Rajdeep Sardesai, the India Today journalist, currently called a critique of PM, calls himself a good friend of Narendra Modi during his initial days as spokesperson of Bhartiya Janata Party in the book. Rajdeep has talked about the rise of his fame in the country, the struggle of his life and hard-work. Although, the whole book is not about Prime Minister, still it has so many new information on the BJP leader.

5.   MODI: Leadership, Governance and Performance

A television and print journalist, Vivian Fernandes with this book, looks in detail at the fast-track economic development of Gujrat when he was the CM of Gujrat. The books also give insights on how good governance turned the state around. The author has tried a journalistic attempt to analyse the liberal viewpoint of Modi and explain the existence based on the Modi’s background, his pro-farmer policies, leadership abilities and his work in Gujrat.

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