5 Books by Indian Authors that will hook every bookworm

Love reading books? Don’t miss these 5 Books by Indian Authors

Books are called the best companions for a reason. They don’t just educate you, they help to fight all sorts of problems in your life. There are many authors all over the world who are telling amazing stories, and Indian writers are not behind. However, Indian authors have always been ignored into oblivion in order to make space for foreign counterparts.  We are here with a list of top five books by Indian authors which is an illustration of celebrating the monumental work of Indian authors.

  1. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

The book is about a person from the deprived section of the society who is desperate to come out of misery and live a maverick life. The classic won Booker prize in 2008, still thinking, don’t think twice and read this book now. We promise this will be worth your precious time.

  1. Palace of Illusion by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

This book is a representation of Mahabharta from Draupadi’s perspective. The story is carved in a modern twist with half-history, half-myth and full magic.

  1. Pashmina by Nidhi Chananai

The heartwarming debut graphic novel by Nidhi Chananai starts with Priyanka Das going through many questions. She looks answer to many questions as to why her mother abandoned her home and who is her father. The story is a tale about the hardship and self-discovery which born from juggling two cultures and two worlds.

  1. The IBIS Trilogy by Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh is one of the best writers in India. His Ibis trilogy of historical fiction is dealing with the trade of opium between India and China which was run by East India Company. Three books Sea of Poppies (2008), River of Smoke (2011), and Flood of Fire (2015).

  1. The Windfall by Diksha Basu

The actress Diksha Basu wrote this book. The book is about social climbing, social anxiety social rivalry in modern India. The story tells the sharply observed tale of social aspirations and throws light on the comedy of manners about friendship, family.

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