Tomatoes and Soy can Protect you Against Prostate Cancer

Tomatoes and Soy can Protect you Against Prostate Cancer


A diet rich in soya and tomatoes can keep you protected against prostate cancer in males.


According to recent research collective use of tomatoes and soya can be more useful in warding off prostate cancer than when eaten individually.


Prostate cancer is a common cause of mortality in males during their forties.


Prostate is a gland present below the bladder in front of rectum.the scientist says that intake of vitamin A can further protect you against prostate cancer.


Prof John Erdman the head of food sciences and nutrition at the University of Illinois emphasized the impact of diet on the risk of being detected with cancer of prostate cancer.


Tomatoes and Soy can Protect you Against Prostate Cancer



The experts conducted experiments on mice were fed with tomatoes and soy. The mice had an aggressive type of prostate cancer.


Prof Erdman mentioned, “In our study, we used mice that were genetically engineered to develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Even so, half the animals that had consumed tomato and soy had no cancerous lesions in the prostate at study’s end. All mice in the control group-no soy, no tomato-developed the disease,”


Four different diets were given to four groups of rats.


First diet had 10 percent of whole tomato powder, second diet has 2 percent of soy germ powder, third diet consisted of a combination of soy powder and tomato powder and the fourth diet did not contained soy powder or tomato powder.


The scientists discovered that the mice who received the third diet had more resistance to developing prostate cancer in contrast to those who received either of soy powder or tomato powder.


Prof Erdman finally said that diet rich in tomatoes and soy can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men.


The experts advocated that the use of vegetables and fruits can also mitigate the risk of incidences of prostate cancer.


Erdman mentioned, “It’s better to eat a whole tomato than to take a lycopene supplement. It’s better to drink soy milk than to take soy isoflavones. When you eat whole foods, you expose yourself to the entire array of cancer-fighting, bioactive components in these foods,”.




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