Fitness Mantras to Follow

Fitness Mantras to Follow


In today’s fast paced world, everybody is leading a fast forward life. You need immediate solutions to tackle the troubles pertaining to fitness. You wish to seek instant hair do, instant coffee, instant drive, and what not. “The earlier the better” is the mantra everybody chants and the health percentage is no exemption to it. You want to be fit and push yourselves to extreme situation to obtain it done as fast as probable.


Pushing against pain can results in injury. In reality, ‘no pain, no gain’ is more precise-you need to prepare your body instead of feeling sorry tomorrow.





If you feel a bit painful or uncomfortable, work on it, but in case you feel pain – STOP. It is imperative to admire your body for all it does for your existence.


However not all superfast things can be good and healthy for you. Especially when doing workouts you need to recognize our body’s stamina and its potency. So, you should decide to do a cross check on the technique or so called “fitness mantra” people has chanted recently.


Always remember the crucial mantra-‘no pain, no gain’. While pushing yourselves to severe exercise in gym or workout session, you should continuously remind yourselves about it. It may in fact push you for further injuries.


Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph. D., a psychologist, says, “Pain is your body indication signifying that something is not right. Going through pain results in injury. In contrast, ‘no train, no gain’ is more perfect- you need to train your body in order to make changes, and sometimes which include work your body exhaustion of the muscles, but that is very different from pain.”


Work harder to get quicker results it would rather be “train hard” to achieve faster results. Pete McCall, a work out physiologist at the American Council on Exercise recommends defining the training sessions. He suggests switching between heavy workout days and lower intensity sessions daily. “Many top athletes pursue this sort of agenda and it gives great results,’ he says.


Pain is a weak point parting the body. McCall said that this can be elite for Marines but not for a common human body. “Pain is an indication that somewhat is going wrong in the body and whatever is occurring at that instant to causes pain should stop.” He moreover adds, “If you feel a little painful or uneasiness, work upon it, that’s how you will be strong. But if you feel pain – Stop, it’s good to rest, heal and come back to fight another day.”


Make your body the way you would like it to be. Everyone can feel more relaxed in his/her own skin. Whereas the famous words “earn your body” may break open anyone’s fizz of self-worth? Dr. Lombardo says, “It is important to be grateful for your body in here and now, and everything it does for you.”


Next time when you visit a gym, be assured that you have well comprehended your fitness mantra, before enduring blindly to it.




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