What is Female sexual dysfunction?

How Sexual Dysfunction is Affecting the Lives of women?

In India, there is talk about the sexual issues and treatment of men, but when it comes to women, there is total silence. That is why it is important that women understand their disease themselves and get their treatment done. In female sexual dysfunction, it may also be that the partner is struggling with the problem of not being interested in sex. It is also called female sexual dysfunction.

This word is used for a person who does not support his partner while having sex. There can be many reasons for FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction) in women, such as pain during sex or psychological reasons. In most cases, however, FSDs are attributed to psychological causes.

There are some symptoms of Low Sex Drive In Women and for this, you should consider the following things:-

1. you don’t participate in any kind of sexual activity (kissing, sexual intercourse, masturbation, etc.

2. you don’t participate in any kind of sexual fantasy.

3. Rejecting even after every loving effort.

4. Getting irritated or ignored when you hear about sex.

There are some reasons for Female Sexual Dysfunction:-

1. Psychological reasons: Sex is an emotional issue for women. Some women break down emotionally because of past bad experiences. Psychological issues or depression may be due to bad experiences in the present.

2. Unable to reach orgasm: The second part of Female Sexual Dysfunction is called anorgasmia. This condition occurs when a person either never gets an orgasm or can never reach it. Inability to reach orgasm is also a medical condition. Lack of interest in sex and inability to reach orgasm are both serious. This is mainly because women prefer more foreplay.

If this is not happening then it is difficult to reach orgasm. It can be treated through psychotherapy. Women have problems with sex in their relationships. If you are facing such difficulties, you should see your andrologist at the earliest so that the problem does not affect the relationship.

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3. Hormone changes: The contribution of hormones to sex is huge. So don’t ignore hormones. Like we need hormones to keep us sexually active. The same way women’s sexual hormones work. Especially, due to pregnancy and any kind of tension, the sexual hormones of women get disturbed. Hormones can also be a big reason for Female sexual dysfunction.

4. Physical causes: Physical problems can also be of many types. The main reason for some of which has to be seen because sometimes we don’t even see it.

-Is there any problem in a partner’s genitals?

-Have you had any surgery?

-Some big change in lifestyle?

5. Relationship issues: In any relationship, when a problem arises, then how can a partner be interested in making a physical relationship? So men need to understand few things and new changes in a relationship.

Has the distance from the partner increased?

Have you stopped celebrating after a quarrel or quarrel?

Was the trust broken for some reason?

Is there something wrong with persuading you to have sex?

Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction is possible. As far as home remedies are concerned, they are not really very effective in treating FSD. There are many types of female viagra available in the market but they usually do not give the expected results. Women can try vaginal rejuvenation with lasers. Also, women can also adopt PRP therapy. It is injected near the vagina to improve blood circulation in this area. This is known as an O-shot.

The reasons for the lack of sexual desire in girls must have been understood. Keeping boys informed about these can be of great benefit. Many boys complain about this but they do not know the real reason. Many times there are quarrels between the partners regarding this matter.

Gradually this problem becomes bigger. Due to this, the problem gets worse. But if you know the reason then you will be able to find the solution. Because of this, it can help to a great extent. If you notice a lack of sexual desire in your partner, see a doctor.

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