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Travelling 101: Carry these snacks on the go to avoid falling sick, curb cravings

Fuel your journey with smart snacks! From homemade granola to roasted nuts, make healthy choices on the go.

Smart Snacking for the Road: A Traveler’s Guide to Healthy On-the-Go Choices”

Travelling often disrupts our regular eating habits, pushing us towards convenient yet unhealthy roadside options. Neglecting our meals and compromising on nutritional quality can adversely affect our gut health. However, with a little foresight, we can make better snack choices that contribute to our overall well-being during and after travel.

Choosing Wisely for Nutritional Boosts

We should also ensure that our eating habits are compatible with what we have packed and the length of time we will be spending on this journey. A nutritionist recommends five easily accessible snacks that can enhance our travel experience:

Homemade Granola: The travelling individual will have a constant source of nutrition with homemade granola.

Roasted Flax and Fennel Seeds: They help in digestion and reduce pain when travelling.

Dried Amla: Dried amla is also known due to its anti-nausea feature, which may help with a variety of situations such as motion sickness.

Roasted Chana and Peanuts: These act as your healthy snack as they provide protein and other essential nutrients that will make it possible for you to stay full.

Roasted Makhana: A more light and crunchier food for fit snacking on the go.

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Expanding the Snacking Horizon

In addition to these recommendations, consider incorporating the following snacks for a diverse and nutritious on-the-go experience:

Kale Chips: Ditch those packaged chips for an upgrade, homemade kale chips. They are crunchy yet sweet and children as well as adults are fond of them.

Roasted Nuts and Seeds: Choose a mixture of roasted almonds, peanuts, pistachios, and nuts. They come packed in airtight jars, hence making their consumption easy as well as providing instant power supplies.

Seasonal Fruits: Go for fresh, unprocessed fruits for a blast of pure naturalness. Do not chop them at home because they might spoil, which will make you have a tasty and energizing snack on your journey.

Khakhra: Enjoy the famous but healthy snack from India called Khakhra which is very tasty and at the same time rich in health benefits. Khakhra is delicious and can be taken with your tea/coffee as it helps fight obesity, bloating, and insulin resistance.

Fresh Vegetables: Go for freshness by taking baby carrots, sliced cherry tomatoes, celery sticks and baby cucumbers which are ideal for use when travelling. The vegetables are nutritious and can be eaten by a person on the move to appeal to health-conscious drivers.

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Conclusion: Prioritize Your Well-being on the Road

Making conscious choices about the snacks you carry can significantly impact your health during travel. These options not only keep you nourished but also cater to various taste preferences, making your journey more enjoyable and health-conscious. So, before you hit the road, pack smart and snack wisely!

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