Top 5 Villains in movies so far

We have celebrated heroes enough; let’s look at some of the greatest villains

It hardly happens in movies that villain impresses us in a movie more than a hero. However, there are some iconic performances by antagonist in movies. Who could forget the legendary ‘Joker’ played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Loki played by Tom Hiddleston . Not just ‘Videshi’ but there are some ‘desi’ villains too who have won us over. Be it the legendary Amrish Puri playing Mogambo in ‘Mr India’ or SRK donning the role of “Rahul” in Darr.

Let’s look into some of the iconic villainous roles played by legendary actors

  1. Joker


How many times it happens that a villain steals away thunder from a popular superhero. Heath Ledger nailed the Joker character and tops the list with his amazing acting and some wonderful writing for the character.

  1. Loki


It takes a lot to go against Earth mightiest heroes especially against Hulk and Iron Man. ‘Loki’ played by Tom Hiddleston in first Avengers movie was great who nailed the role with utmost wittiness. Who could forget ‘Loki catching the arrow from Hawk- Eye scene’? It was insanely hilarious.

  1. Tai Lung

tai long

Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda is the most underrated villain in cinema. If this is first time you are hearing his name, go and watch this ultimate antagonist in action up against the adorable Kung Fu Panda.

  1. Mogambo


Although, Amrish Puri has given some impeccable performances throughout his career, we have chosen ‘Mogambo’ as the ultimate villain in him.  His villainous cabinet has “Gadar”, “Nayak”, “Ghatak”, “Diljale” and more in the list.

  1. Gabbar


The second largest running movie which is known for the dialogue “Beta So Ja Warna Gabbar Aa Jayega” says it all. Amjad Khan played the “Gabbar” and made that character legendary from the “Sholay” movie.

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