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5 things to never say at a job interview

At this point of the year, every 3rd or 4th year student must be having problems in giving job interviews as this is the peek time of recruitment. But guys let me tell you that no matter how badly you want to ask a question or make a statement at a job interview, there are some things that you should absolutely avoid. Following is the list of 5 things to never say at a job interview:

1. “Oh crap!”

The foremost thing that you should avoid doing is using bad words in an interview. Usage of such bad words is tremendously unprofessional.

2. “Sorry I am late, but I could not help the traffic!”

Being punctual for a big interview should be a must. In case, you are running late for your interview because of some kind of genuine emergency then make sure that you call your interviewer at least 15-20 minutes in advance cause these heads will pretty much assume you to be a habitually late person.


a person giving a Job interview

3. “Do you mind if I take this call?”

No phone call is important than this interview for you so it should be noted that phones should be kept on silent and you should not ask this question in a job interview ever.

4. “I really love your shirt”

Using flattery as your tool to get this job will not take you anywhere my friend. Giving a compliment to your boss is totally unprofessional and more than anything else it sounds creepy. So try not doing that you fashion expert!

5. “I need this job.”

Desperation will never work for you. It will only make people assume that you do not particularly care about this job and that anything will do. A potential employer always wants someone who cares, trust me!

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