Significance of Self-Introspection: Why is it important to look inside?

Self-Introspection will give you a happier life, here is why it is important to introspect yourself

Throughout our daily lives, we keep on analyzing and observing things around us. Whether it’s an important office document or a confusing text from the opposite sex, we have trained our brains to observe things carefully and get the deeper meaning of everything. Critical thinking has become an important trait of our nature, but the irony is we often forget to apply this concept to ourselves. Yes, we are talking about Self-Introspection.

Significance of Self-Introspection: Why is it important to look inside?
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What is Self-Introspection?

It is an examination of our actions and inner thoughts. Introspection means – “To look Inside”. When you examine your own thoughts and think how it affects your life and others. But why it is important to introspect yourself on a regular basis? Here are the reasons.

  • It helps you to make decisions based on your conscience: Self – introspection helps you to trust your guts. And helps you to make better decisions.
  • It helps you to stay focused on the bigger picture: When we don’t have an overall goal in the mind. Daily routine work becomes meaningless. And regular introspection can help you stay focused on the bigger picture. To make it easier you can pen down your goals and aims on a paper
  • You can easily work on your shortcomings: A regular introspection can help you to work on your shortcomings because self-introspection can help you to easily figure them out. It will give you a happier life
Significance of Self-Introspection: Why is it important to look inside?
It will give you a happier life
  • Introspection allows you to admit your fear: Let’s admit that we all are afraid of something. Whether it’s failure, rejection, or anything, we all have fears. Introspection allows you to face that fear, and eventually, we learn the best way to handle it
  • It helps you to define your own happiness: It can actually help you to define your own happiness, which means more positivity in your attitude. Introspection can help you get rid of toxic people who hold you back

How one can introspect himself or herself?

According to many types of research, knowing yourself better results in stronger relationships, clear sense of purpose, and greater well–being, self-acceptance, and happiness. These benefits can help you in every sphere of your life. Having a strong relationship with yourself can make you a better manager, employee, friend, spouse, and friend.

What all you should be doing?

Don’t ask the wrong questions about yourself. Instead of focusing on why focus on what? Do not frame problem-oriented questions such as – Why I am facing difficulty with my boss?  Try to focus on the solution-oriented questions such as – What would I like my relationship with my boss to look like a month from now? Interestingly, coaches and counselors all across the globe are asking solution-focused questions that make their clients feel good.

As per experts, if you have any persistent problem on your mind, ask yourself questions to shift your focus to its possible solution. You can even ask direct questions from yourself such as – What is a possible solution to this problem?  What are the ways to deal with this problem? Asking solution-based questions can help you a lot. Why keep us stuck in the past whereas what helps us to create a better future.

Don’t be Harsh on yourself

Practicing Self – Awareness can be hard. It might sound quite easy but in reality, it is not.  Self-awareness needs constant work. There are numerous benefits to cultivating self-awareness, let’s be honest practice does take time.  All we need is – right planning.  Try spending some time alone, don’t be harsh on yourself. Ask for feedback from your friends and family. Keep your phrases and words positive. If you will say – I am angry, you will never be able to let go of your anger. We need to understand – We are not the emotions we experience, we are the experiencer of our emotions and our words impact our emotions. It is important to use positive words while communicating.  Self – Awareness is an everyday task and baby steps towards it can make a big difference.

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