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Gaganyaan mission: PM Modi reveals 4 astronaut-designates selected to go to space. Check names here

India's Gaganyaan mission takes flight as PM Modi unveils astronaut squad & key projects. ISRO achieves milestone in cryogenic engine testing.

India’s Gaganyaan Mission Takes Flight: PM Modi Unveils Astronauts and Key Developments

1: Prime Minister Modi Presents Astronaut Wings to Gaganyaan Squad

In a historic moment for India’s space exploration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled the team of astronauts selected for the Gaganyaan mission, the country’s inaugural manned space venture. The squad, consisting of Group Captain P Balakrishnan Nair, Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, Group Captain Angad Pratap, and Wing Commander S Shukla, received their astronaut wings from the Prime Minister at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram.

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2: Intensive Preparations Underway for Gaganyaan Mission

The Gaganyaan Mission, India’s maiden human space flight program, is currently undergoing extensive preparations at various Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) centers. The mission is slated to launch between 2024-25, marking a significant leap for India in the field of space exploration.

3: Astronauts’ Year-Long Training Amidst Pandemic Challenges

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, the selected astronauts underwent a rigorous year-long training course in Russia’s Zvyozdny Gorodok city. Having completed their training, the astronauts are now based in a unit of ISRO, familiarizing themselves with the intricacies of the Gaganyaan mission.

PM Modi bestows astronaut wings to India's 'Gaganauts'

4: PM Modi Inaugurates Three Key Projects

In conjunction with the announcement of the Gaganyaan squad, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated three crucial projects aimed at bolstering India’s space capabilities. These projects include a Trisonic Wind Tunnel at VSSC, a Semi-Cryogenic Integrated Engine and Stage Test Facility in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu, and the PSLV Integration Facility at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota. The combined cost of these projects is estimated to be around Rs 1,800 crore.


5: Gaganyaan Mission – What to Expect?

The Gaganyaan project envisions demonstrating India’s human spaceflight capabilities by launching a crew of four members into an orbit of 400 km for a three-day mission. The mission aims to safely bring the crew back to Earth, with a planned landing in Indian waters, showcasing India’s prowess in space exploration.

6: ISRO Achieves Milestone in Cryogenic Engine Testing

On February 13, 2024, ISRO achieved a significant milestone in the Gaganyaan mission by completing the final round of ground qualification tests. The tests focused on ISRO’s CE20 cryogenic engine, which powers the cryogenic stage of the human-rated LVM3 launch vehicle for Gaganyaan missions. The seventh and final test took place at the High Altitude Test Facility at ISRO Propulsion Complex, Mahendragiri, simulating the flight conditions.

7: Ground Qualification Tests – Crucial Step Towards Gaganyaan Success

The completion of the ground qualification tests is a pivotal step in ensuring the success of the Gaganyaan mission. ISRO’s official statement highlighted the significance of these tests, emphasizing their role in human rating the CE20 cryogenic engine, a critical component of the launch vehicle.

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In summary, as India progresses towards realizing its ambitious Gaganyaan mission, the unveiling of the astronaut squad and the successful completion of ground qualification tests mark crucial milestones in the country’s journey into the realm of manned space exploration. With the inauguration of key projects and ongoing preparations, India is poised to make a significant mark in the global space community.

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