Ghazals re-imagined: SADU releases the 3rd single from his series, Habeeb

The former Aryans singers SADU releases the 3rd single from his series Habeeb

One of the memorable voices from popular 90s hits is that of Sadasivan KM Nambisan aka Sadu. The vocalist, lyricist, composer and founder member of the famous erstwhile pop act, Sadu is determined to carry forward the legacy of hummable melodies, such as Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra, Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko and Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kyaas a solo artist. He has now released the video single from the series titled Habeeb (April 2021), is based on the words of the famous Urdu poet Bashir Badr. The mellifluous number evokes a feel of the old-fashioned yet evergreen simplicity of romance from the eras gone by.  Enhanced by soft vocals along with saxophone (a rarity nowadays) and piano sections, Habeeb centres around the emotions of longing, desire and the occasional inability of lovers to be able to express their true feelings.


About Sadu

Sadu was born in Kerala but brought up in different parts of the country such as Ooty, Tamil Nadu and Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh’ given that his father was in the defence services. Eventually, he found himself in Mumbai, Maharashtra in his pursuit of music.

With a masters degree in Science (Organic Chemistry with specialization i Environment Science) and a keen interest in sports, Sadu’s first brush with music was in the small town of Bhopal, MP with an orchestra group but his relentless desire to make his own music took him to Mumbai, in 1996. That is where he met his soon-to-be bandmates DJ Narain and Jai Walia and Aryans – the band came into existence.


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About Habeeb

Habeeb is composed and sung by Sadu , music production is done by 9emotions media & the music video is produced by Sadu’s home production Seventh Angle productions. What started as a pursuit to entertain the audiences during the lockdown, has now become a well-appreciated series of singles, which looks at the timeless genre of ghazals with a contemporary approach. Riding on the overwhelming response that Sadu received for his live ghazal renditions during the lockdown and his last two ghazal-pop singles called Aankh Se Door Na Ho & Khoj:  In Search of Self, the renowned vocalist/composer decided to continue his pursuit of the genre.

His renditions were met with a rather warm response not just from music fans in India, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh and other far corners of the world. That coupled with the artist’s sentiment towards the lack of awareness and exposure around the genre of ghazals today, Sadu then set his mind towards making the beautiful legacy of ghazals more accessible to the large number of underexposed audiences with contemporary arrangements. “It’s my humble attempt to contemporaries ghazals, with sounds and production tech palatable for the contemporary audience, all the while maintaining the sanctity of the genre that’s a part of the Indian heritage and culture,” says the sing-er.

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