Positive Parenting- Child’s Physical Development

Positive Parenting- Child’s Physical Development


Proper physical development is essential for the tiny toddlers. To a large extent, the active schedule followed by 2, 3 and 4 year old child can help the proper physical development of kids.


The small kids do a lot of jumping, running, wiggling and reaching instead of sitting inactive at one place.


There are different ways of improving physical development of small kids. Oneworldnews here, suggests some useful and effective tips to help you enhance the physical development of small kids and to prevent them from falling prey to any kind of infections or diseases.



Positive Parenting- Child’s Physical Development


Running and Walking Exercises:

Encouraging kids for running, walking, marching and jogging is a good practice to boost their physical development.


Play Sandbox:

Try to find some time and play sandbox with your small child. According to scientists the power of manipulation increases by filling the box with sand.


Water Play:

Backyard water play is another good activity for increasing physical development of kids. A sprinkler, paddle pool or running hose give greater probability of touching, running and splashing.


Obstacle Course:

By having obstacle course in backyard or living room, you can increase the activity of kid as they run around and try to climb the obstacles consisting of cardboard boxes, toys, cushions and other objects.


Playing Pretend Games:

Since animals are indeed a young child’s favorite, hence by playing pretend games with your child can boost your kid’s physical development. Ask your kid to gallop like a horse or walk like a chicken.


Play Ball Games:

Playing ball games such as throwing, kicking and catching is another example of positive parenting. It gives your child better chances of comprehending the importance of rules at an early age.


Dance on a Variety of Music:

Play a variety of music and dance with your kid and encourage him/her to do. This way you can make your child familiar with a variety of genre music.


Water Activities:

Besides water sports, you can involve your kids while you wash your vehicle or pet and can encourage him/her to help you in your task.


Puppet Show:

You can make finger puppets and can use toys behind a table and can involve your child in the puppet show.


Besides the above mentioned ones, there are various other activities to help you in inducing adequate physical development of your child.


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