Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman carries one more life with her in her womb. She starts taking care of her child from the first day of her pregnancy.

It is really important for a woman to take care of herself at the time of pregnancy and should take a proper diet as the child takes nourishment from the mother.

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Small frequent meals at regular intervals with emphasis on nutrient dense food to facilitate the intake of additional dietary needs.

Easily digestible foods are more suitable especially in the later part of pregnancy when discomfort is experienced after large meals due to overcrowding by fetus in the abdominal cavity.

Food intake must be maintained at steady levels. Adequate intake of fluid and fiber helps to avoid constipation.

Suitable selection of diet based on woman’s strong food dislikes and cravings is essential.

A number of exercise can be performed regularly. Walking is a good and easy exercise.

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