Honest Review: 5 honest reasons to buy L’Oreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo!

Oily Scalp & Volume Problem, try L’Oreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo

The increased pollution level has taken a toll on our hair, and we all agree to this. We all dream for smooth, long and luscious hair, but these days it’s hard to get. There is so much pollution and stress that 3 out of every 5 people suffer hair fall.  Well, there are two things that can be done for healthy hair. They are: 1. Eat right & 2. Invest in a good shampoo!  If you have an oily scalp and volume problem just like me, then you should invest in Loreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo. Washing hair too often takes away natural oil so it is important to get the right shampoo.

Recently, we decided to change our shampoo, and we got a bottle of Loreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo along with its conditioner. When you live in Delhi and you have to style hair often, then you need to take extra care of your hair. We took 3 days challenge & here is the result. If you want to keep your hair hydrated & frizz-free, then here are 5 honest reasons to invest in the product.

Here are 5 honest reasons to buy L’Oreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo!

1. It keeps oil at bay

We all love freshly washed hair.  The shampoo keeps the hair fresh for 3 continuous days.  Your hair will not become sticky & will stay frizz-free.

2. The fragrance is soothing and pleasant

It only purifies the oil from the scalp but also keeps the fragrance restored for three days. The fragrance is pleasant.  The clay ingredient in the shampoo moisturizes the scalp and also encourages hair growth.

3. Makes hair silky and smooth

There is nothing better than having a good hair day. L’oreal extraordinary clay shampoo does exactly the same. It makes your hair silky and smooth.

4. Adds volume to your hair

Low hair density makes hair look weak. L’oreal extraordinary adds volume to your hair, it will make them look bouncy & healthy.

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5. Keeps dandruff in control

Dandruff becomes a common problem during the winter season. The clay particle in the shampoo controls dandruff too.

We rate this product 4 stars! It is worth using and worth investing in. The most important thing for skincare and hair care is to invest in the right products. You should not be changing your shampoos frequently but once in a while, you should upgrade it, especially after 25. It is a must to pick appropriate products for your skin and hair.

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