April 7 marks World Health Day: This year thank Superheroes fighting COVID 19

World Health Day: Theme & History

Growing up, weren’t we all taught that health is wealth? It is very important to value these words. 7th April every year is celebrated to throw a light on physical and mental health. This day also signifies the work of all the healthcare professionals for making our lives a lot happier and healthier.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all healthcare professionals are on their toe. Providing high quality, respectful treatment and care and being always at the beck and call. It is rightly said ,” Some heroes do not wear capes they just put on their white coats”. The absolute first and last event of a humans are both certified by doctors.

World Health Day 2020 Theme

Every year World Health day has a theme. In 2019 the theme was ‘Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere.’ Similarly theme for 2020 is dedicated to the doctors and nurses who are fighting on the Covid-19 frontlines as this deadly disease continues to spread globally. Healthcare professionals are the real superheroes protecting us from this threating pandemic and putting their life at a threshold.

Why it is important to focus on one’s health?

It is true, there is no wealth greater than good health. We all know healthy habits such as eating well, exercising and avoiding harmful substances, make sense. Despite of being aware we hardly practice them. Healthy habits are hard to develop and often require change of mindset. But if you are adamant to make sacrifices the impact will surely be far-reaching, regardless of your age, sex, physical abilities.

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Here are 5 healthy lifestyle habits

1.    Control weight

Eating right and exercising regularly can help can help you avoid excess weight gain. Plan 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise. Limit consumption of  drinks such as sodas and fruit juices.

2.    Good night’s rest

Well-rested people not only cope better with stress, but also have better control of their appetites.

3.    Try yoga

The poses help increase the flexibility and improve balance. It also helps your skin glow.

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