Unhealthy Self Consciousness? Symptoms, Causes, and Impact on youth

What is Self Consciousness: Its symptoms, causes, and impact 

Ever felt like someone is keeping an eye on you for 24 hours or there is a camera all around you and all your activities are recorded in it? If yes, then this is a sign of self-consciousness. What is Self Consciousness? What are its symptoms, causes, and impact? The emotions of self-consciousness are affected by the feelings we have for ourselves and how we think people around us perceive us. Pride, jealousy, and embarrassment are few of the types of emotions that can conquer the state of mind of those who are the victims of self-consciousness.

If we allow the emotions to affect us in a limited way, then it can really be useful for the development of personality. Positive as well as negative self-consciousness can be really good motivators like feeling sorry after making mistake is a sign of a good person.

Excessive self-consciousness feelings can be extremely unhealthy as they can make you suffer from anxiety, depression, and personality depression.

Considerable impact on Youths

Today, self-consciousness is peaking in teenagers. They always have the suspicion that someone is watching them. More than half the time their mind is occupied with the thought of what other people perceive from them.

Symptoms of positive and overwhelming self-consciousness

Healthy self-consciousness can make you fit in any situation as it helps you to make improvements in yourself that are required to make an attractive personality. It even shows a better sign of yours in public places.

Having pride after their accomplishments

Engaging in a social event

 Realizing the mistakes and taking responsibility

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Symptoms of unhealthy overwhelming self-consciousness are –

Showing aggressive behavior to embarrassment.

 Avoiding social events.

Not accepting the mistakes and blaming it on others.

 Having low self-esteem

What causes the emotions of self-consciousness?

The sense of self-consciousness comes in a child when he’s around 18 months Adolescents are highly prone to this. At this age children experience a high level of social pressure for the first time.

Unhealthy self-consciousness can lead to low self-esteem as well as can disturb the state of mind. It can result in anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder (BPS) and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

To help your little ones overcome from the situation where they can dwell themselves in negative thoughts, here are some effortless methods which will help you in the case –

Make them engage in the activities of their choice. This will not only help them in learning about new things but also make them realize the importance of having friends and engaging in social events.

Make them know the importance of responsibility and punctuality. Often people say that at a young age teaching them discipline is just a kind of punishment or it’s of no use but this is wrong as the practice of being disciplined from the very beginning will help them in future.

Make them learn about a new thing every day. Studying doesn’t simply mean mugging up the whole thing. If done right, it can be great fun. Make charts, posters or pamphlets of things like fruits, numbers, colors etc in the way that it attracts them.


Healthy self-consciousness can help children in improving their personality and increasing self-awareness. They just need the right direction and correct guidance so that they can make full use of it which can help them for shaping their personality for the future.

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