Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands

How To Get Your Style On With These best 10 Formal Shoe Brands

How a person dresses speaks a lot about them and their personality. And one of the key pieces in their entire look is the choice of shoes that they wear. Research has shown that people actually judge others based on their shoes. Wearing the right kind of shoes and in the correct setting is extremely important. Your shoes are a part of your personality, so why not ensure that you look your best gracing these formal shoe brands thus making a great first impression!

  1. Gucci

Gucci is one of the most well-known and luxurious brands out there. It is no surprise that their formal shoes are elegant, classy and a highly preferred choice. The only con is that they might be slightly heavy on your pocket. 

2. Fendi

The formal shoe range from Fendi is a perfect blend of classy and timely elegance. They are smart and their signature logo detailing just adds more oomph to the shoes.

3. Allen Solly

Allen Solly offers a good range of formal shoes in a mid to high-range category. They use quality materials and their shoes can often be combined with their range of formal wear to complete the look. 


If you are looking to go all out and be bold in your look, then choosing a Versace shoe with its iconic Medusa logo should be a good choice. Their shoes are glamorous and will elevate your look.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker also has a good range of shoes if you want something timeless as well as unique. Their textures are widely different, giving them an extra edge. 

Pavers England

Pavers England is known for their sophisticated shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Their designs are ergonomically fit, making them good for extended wear. 

Steve Madden

Their shoes are perfect to be worn with your formal attire but can also be worn with traditional looks. They have a good range of shoes that can be bought during sale if you are looking for a good deal. 


It is safe to say that Blackberry has a solid market when it comes to formal wear- be it clothes or shoes. Their overall and holistic offerings are just the perfect fit for your look. 


If you are looking for something comfortable along with style, Clarks is the brand to choose. With impeccable craftsmanship, the brand will give you a good choice for your formal wear. 

Peter England 

Peter England also has a good range of shoes that are simple yet classy. They have tethered with the timeless classic and made a good market demand based on it. 

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