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Self-Pleasure Shouldn’t be a Pressure, 10 tips for people with vulvas

Here are 10 tips that help you achieve self-pleasure


  • Set an environment
  • Prioritize foreplay for solo-sex too
  • Watch, read, and listen to something sexy
  • Seduce yourself like you really mean it
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Pleasure tips for people with Vulvas: There are endless ways to masturbate; pretty much no method is right or wrong. However, it can take some creativity to figure out what works for you. But here are 10 tips that help you achieve pleasure.

10 Self-Pleasure tips for people with Vulvas

Note: remember, orgasm is not the goal.

1. Set an environment

Many people with vulvas struggle with staying present with the process and tend to get distracted by their work. The best method could be to put away all your work thoughts and try to be present at the moment.

2. Prioritize foreplay for solo sex too

Create a transition period before masturbation with something pleasurable and relaxing for the body. Taking a long shower or a bath distracts your mind from coming down.

3. Watch, read, and listen to something sexy

Watching sexually explicit content helps the mind journey to Central places. Even reading and listening to audio files works like wonders

4. Get to know your clitoris

We know this is old news to most people, but glitter can be key for Solo satisfaction. The clitoris is the only organ that exists especially for pleasure, so why not use it

5. Give yourself the full-body treatment

Exploring different body parts—with your hand or a vibrator—can create a slow build to orgasm. You might have different types of orgasms that you haven’t experienced before.

Note: This exploration can also be beneficial for people who experience gender dysphoria or have sexual trauma that might make touching or cantering genitals uncomfortable.

6. Sex toys can be real a fun

If your fingers feel better, by all means, do your thing, but many people find that toys add to their pleasure alone and with a partner. Women who used vibrators reported better overall sexual functioning, including increased arousal and more frequent orgasms, in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

7. Explore new solo-sex positions

Being in love with yourself can be just as adventurous as being in love with someone else. When you finally get alone, knowing that you have novel positions to look forward to – can also make masturbation more enjoyable.

8. Do not limit lube to partner penetration

When your vulva is slippery, it’s much easier to explore with your hands. It also reduces friction on the clitoris, which some find painful or unpleasant. Suppose you like (or want) to incorporate penetration into your masturbation routine. In that case,  lube can help a dildo or finger go in much more quickly, naturally.

9. Seduce yourself like you really mean it

Dim the lights, wear some sexy lingerie, change your sheets or turn on some music. Enjoy the sensory experience and make it all about self-care, self-love, and embracing pleasure. You know you should be treated in the best way when you are making love. So, why are you not treating yourself in the same way?

10. Put your hips in the game 

You can increase blood flow to your genitals by moving your pelvis. Basically, masturbate like nobody is watching.

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