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Sandalwood Oil Health & Beauty Benefits

Sandalwood Oil Health & Beauty Benefits: How to use it? 

We all are using sandalwood oil for a long time. It is available and its health and beauty benefits are amazing. A scented wood found in India and Australia is harvested from Santalum trees. The most common use of this wood is in making perfumes as it has a fresh fragrance. The smell of the wood can be retained for several years, and even for decades if stored well. Our ancestors used it for multiple things and till date, it’s a large source of income for many. Apart from economical use, it is used in many other fields too. It played an important role in many cultures, usually religious ceremonies. It has several uses. Sandalwood oil health and beauty benefits are amazing. Here is how you can use it?

In Hinduism, sandalwood has been ground into incense paste and burnt both as offering to deities and to purify the environment. The Hindus were not the only culture to use sandalwood  but it was very famous among others too like the Buddhists. In Buddhist rituals, sandalwood was burnt for the very different reason of that in Hinduism. They used it mainly for making the environment suitable for the meditation.

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sandalwood oil
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Sandalwood is one of the main incense used in India, China, and Japan, however, today it is used all over the world. In Western culture, the incense is mainly used for making a pleasant ambiance at home or workplace. While it does not serve the same purpose of religious importance as used in eastern countries, it plays a great role in the economy of the country as it has become a major part of export from India. It is highly used in aromatherapy and also keeps a great value in cosmetic products.

Advantages from using Sandalwood

One can be in a profit after using products of sandalwood or sandalwood directly. In ancient times, it was used as medicines for many  diseases like stomach infection, headache, urinary and genital disorders etc.  It has been excessively used in Ayurveda for curing disease. Instead of using commercial products one can opt for the natural way with least chance of side effects.

For skin 

Sandalwood is highly used in cosmetics, especially in skin care products. With regular use of its product can save our skin from bacteria causing acne, a remedy for sunburn, suntan, removes wrinkles and prevents dry skin and last but not the least exfoliates the skin.

For hair

Sandalwood stimulates the growth of hair. By massaging it with almond oil on the scalp can cool down your scalp, removes dandruff and even add fragrance to it.

For health

It is very beneficial for health as it promotes wound and cut healing. It solves many problems related to skin. It also helps in reducing weight as it improves the digestive system.

It is a Pocket-friendly Product

Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world, first being African blackwood. The wood of this three are heavy, yellow and fine-grained and are unlike many other aromatic woods, which retain their fragrances for decades. The wood and the oil extracts from it have distinct fragrance which have been highly valued since a long time. Since they are slow growing tree, it has suffered over harvesting in past centuries. Due to the time they take in growing up, as the older trees yield more oil, is also a reason for exorbitant prices.

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