Navratri 2022 Ke 9 Rang, Mantras & What Navdurga Symbolises

Wear these colours on each day of Navratri 2022 and welcome prosperity to your home


1. Navadurgas

2.  Colour for 9 days

3. Mantras of Navratri

The nine days of the Navratri 2022 festival are filled with vibrant colours visible through the decor, dresses, and all the items around you. There is a pattern and meaning behind every day, colour, and the order of the paint that varies depending on the day Navratri falls. Each colour symbolises some of the qualities of the Devi.

So, let us understand the significance of each day, colour, and what blessings Navadurgas will bring this Navratri. Start your festival of Navratri with this mantra.

“प्रथमं शैलपुत्री च द्वितीयं ब्रह्माचारिणी।

तृतीयं चन्द्रघण्टेति कूष्माण्डेति चतुर्थकम्।।

पंचमं स्कन्दमातेति षष्ठं कात्यायनीति च।

सप्तमं कालरात्रीति महागौरीति चाष्टमम्।।

नवमं सिद्धिदात्री च नवदुर्गा: प्रकीर्तिता:।

उक्तान्येतानि नामानि ब्रह्म्रणव महात्मना।।”

Pratipada: Shailaputri

Navratri began on 26 September 2022. On the first day of Navratri is the incarnation of Devi Durga, Shailaputri. She is the daughter of the mountains. She is the form of Mother Nature and symbolises strength. She governs the queen of planets and the moon.

Colour of the day: White

It symbolises peace, purity, and prayer. However, married women should avoid wearing white. They can wear off-white or creamy-coloured clothes.

Mantra for first day of Navratri is शैलपुत्रीः ह्रीं शिवायै नमः

 Om Deveyai Shailaputryai Namah!

Dwitiya: Brahmacharini

The second day belongs to Goddess Brahmacharini, the female seeking spiritual knowledge. In this form of Durga, Parvati goes to the verdant mountain to do Tapasya.

Colour of the day: Red

Red symbolises action and vigour.

Mantra for second day of Navratri is ब्रह्मचारिणीः ह्रीं श्रीं अम्बिकायै नमः

 Tritiya : Chandraghanta 

On the third day, Maa Chandraghanta showers her blessings.

Colour of the day: Royal blue

Kaalratri’s mighty energy is embodied in the colour blue.

Mantra for third day of Navratri is चद्रघंटाः ऐं श्रीं शक्तयै नमः

 Chaturthi: Kushmanda

Kushmanda is the fourth avatar of Devi Durga. The luminosity and brightness of this Devi light up the sun even.

Colour of the day: Yellow

Yellow is the colour of brightness, happiness, and cheer.

Mantra for fourth day of Navratri is कूष्मांडाः ऐं ह्रीं देव्यै नमः

Panchami: Skandamata

The Fifth is celebrated in honour of Devi Skandamata. She is the mother of Skanda or Kathyayini. The Devi shows the purity of the mother’s love.

 Colour of the day: Green

The colour green symbolises growth, nature, and energy.

Mantra for fifth day of Navratri is स्कंदमाताः ह्रीं क्लीं स्वमिन्यै नमः

 Shashti: Katyayani

The sixth incarnation of Devi is Katyayani. She is the fierce form of goddess Durga and is believed to be formed out of the anger of God.

Colour of the day: Grey

She wears a grey-coloured half-moon on her forehead. The grey also signifies her mood, where she is ready to destroy her devotees’ foes.

Mantra for sixth day of Navratri is कात्यायनीः क्लीं श्री त्रिनेत्रायै नमः

Sapthami: Kaalratri

Kaalratri is the destructive form of Goddess Durga. She is also known as Maa Kali.

Colour of the day: Orange

The Colour orange symbolises her happiness and energy.

Mantra for sixth day of Navratri is कालरात्रिः क्लीं ऐं श्री कालिकायै नमः

Aasthmi: Mahagauri 

The eighth goddess amongst Navdurga is Mahagauri. She is the fulfilment of all desires.

Colour of the day: Purple/peacock green

The Colour for this day is purple. It represents ambition and power. One can also wear multi-coloured clothes or peacock green.

Mantra for the eighth day: महागौरीः श्री क्लीं ह्रीं वरदायै नमः

Navmi: Siddhidatri

Siddhidatri is the ninth form of Shakti. Devi Siddhidatri emerged from the right side of Lord Shiva. She is the giver of knowledge and helps to achieve all our aspirations.

Colour of the day: Pink

The colour pink symbolises hope and the freshness of perspective.

Mantra for the ninth day: सिद्धिदात्रीः ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं सिद्धये नमः

It is advisable not to apply Neel on the clothes you plan to wear on Navratri puja. The clothes should not be torn, dirty, or reused. They should be properly washed and cleaned. Avoid wearing torn jeans during these nine days.

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