117 Trendy And Unique Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter J With Their Meanings In March 2024 | Complete Guide

Muslim Baby Girl Names that start with letter J! Get the complete guide here and pick your name.

Muslim Baby Girl Names With J

Choosing a meaningful and unique name for your baby girl is a special part of welcoming her into the world. If you’re looking for Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter J, here is a curated list of trendy and beautiful names along with their meanings:

  1. Jameela (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  2. Jawahira (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  3. Jannat (جنّة): Paradise, heaven
  4. Jasmin (جاسمين): Jasmine flower
  5. Jumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  6. Jana (جنى): Harvest, garden
  7. Jumanah (جمانة): Silver pearl
  8. Joud (جود): Generosity, excellence
  9. Jalila (جليلة): Majestic, exalted
  10. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little jewel
  11. Jawahar (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  12. Jameelah (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  13. Juwayriyah (جويرية): Delicate, resilient
  14. Jinaan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  15. Joudi (جودي): Generous, noble-hearted
  16. Jouda (جودة): Excellence, superiority
  17. Joudia (جودية): One who strives for excellence
  18. Juwariah (جوارية): Little jewel
  19. Jawahir (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  20. Jalilah (جليلة): Honorable, respected
  21. Jameela (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  22. Janaan (جنان): Heart, soul
  23. Jawhara (جوهرة): Jewel, gem
  24. Jouda (جودة): Generosity, excellence
  25. Jala (جالة): Clarity, purity
  26. Jamal (جمال): Beauty, grace
  27. Jina (جين): Paradise, garden

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  1. Jamilah (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  2. Janaan (جنان): Paradise, garden
  3. Jawda (جودة): Excellence, generosity
  4. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little gem
  5. Jasmina (جاسمينا): Jasmine flower
  6. Juhaynah (جهينة): Young girl
  7. Jomana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  8. Joumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  9. Jamileh (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  10. Joudi (جودي): Generous, noble-hearted
  11. Jameelah (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  12. Jala (جالة): Clarity, serenity
  13. Juwairiya (جويرية): Little gem
  14. Jalilah (جليلة): Honorable, distinguished
  15. Jumaymah (جميمة): Blessed, noble
  16. Judi (جودي): Generosity, kindness
  17. Jawahir (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  18. Jamileh (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  19. Jinan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  20. Jumana (جمانة): Silver pearl
  21. Jalila (جليلة): Majestic, noble
  22. Joudia (جودية): Excellence, generosity
  23. Juhaynah (جهينة): Young girl
  24. Jinaan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  25. Joumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone

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  1. Jasmina (جاسمينا): Jasmine flower
  2. Jamilah (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  3. Jawhara (جوهرة): Jewel, gem
  4. Jumanah (جمانة): Silver pearl
  5. Joudi (جودي): Generous, noble-hearted
  6. Jood (جود): Generosity, goodness
  7. Janaan (جنان): Paradise, garden
  8. Jouda (جودة): Excellence, generosity
  9. Jameela (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  10. Jalila (جليلة): Majestic, exalted
  11. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little jewel
  12. Jawahira (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  13. Jinan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  14. Joudia (جودية): Generosity, excellence
  15. Jawahir (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  16. Jana (جنى): Harvest, garden
  17. Jumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  18. Jasmin (جاسمين): Jasmine flower
  19. Joud (جود): Generosity, kindness
  20. Jameela (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  21. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little jewel
  22. Jawahir (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  23. Jinan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  24. Janaan (جنان): Heart, soul
  25. Jala (جالة): Clarity, purity
  26. Jamal (جمال): Beauty, grace
  27. Jina (جين): Paradise, garden
  28. Jamilah (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  29. Janaan (جنان): Paradise, garden

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  1. Jawda (جودة): Excellence, generosity
  2. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little gem
  3. Jasmina (جاسمينا): Jasmine flower
  4. Juhaynah (جهينة): Young girl
  5. Jomana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  6. Joumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  7. Jamileh (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  8. Joudi (جودي): Generous, noble-hearted
  9. Jameelah (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  10. Jala (جالة): Clarity, serenity
  11. Juwairiya (جويرية): Little gem
  12. Jalilah (جليلة): Honorable, distinguished
  13. Jumaymah (جميمة): Blessed, noble
  14. Judi (جودي): Generosity, kindness
  15. Jawahir (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  16. Jamileh (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  17. Jinan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  18. Jumana (جمانة): Silver pearl
  19. Jalila (جليلة): Majestic, noble
  20. Joudia (جودية): Excellence, generosity
  21. Juhaynah (جهينة): Young girl
  22. Jinaan (جنان): Gardens, paradise
  23. Joumana (جمانة): Pearl, precious stone
  24. Jasmina (جاسمينا): Jasmine flower
  25. Jamilah (جميلة): Beautiful, graceful
  26. Jawhara (جوهرة): Jewel, gem
  27. Jumanah (جمانة): Silver pearl
  28. Joudi (جودي): Generous, noble-hearted
  29. Jood (جود): Generosity, goodness
  30. Janaan (جنان): Paradise, garden
  31. Jouda (جودة): Excellence, generosity
  32. Jameela (جميلة): Beautiful, elegant
  33. Jalila (جليلة): Majestic, exalted
  34. Juwairiyah (جويرية): Little jewel
  35. Jawahira (جواهر): Jewels, gemstones
  36. Jinan (جنان): Gardens, paradise

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