know About International Day of Happiness 2024

The International Day on March 20 demands spreading pleasure and positivity dedicated to happiness and well-being.

International Day of Happiness 2024: Date, Theme, History, Significance, Activities, Quotes And Wishes

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated all around the globe on March 20 each year. The day features the aura of magical bliss, mindfulness, and self-care. The UN marked this day carrying the message that a person can be happy not only because he/she has a lot of things or money but also because of other various reasons. The most important part of the day is people being nice to others, being grateful for things around them, thinking about others and spreading happiness. 

International Happiness Day 2024 will be committed to the importance of happiness throughout the world. Spread pleasure and positivity on this special day dedicated to happiness and well-being.

Theme Of The Day – 

This year’s main theme for the celebration of International Day of Happiness is ‘Happier Together’. On this subject of being somebody that makes us all aware of the fact that true happiness is the sustaining factor which we exchange with one another and for the things which are beyond ourselves.

When the United Nations General Assembly decided to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, it was a reflection of the growing realization that happiness and well-being are essential for individual and societal health.

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution attending to the happiness of a fundamental human value and calling for an approach to economic growth that is more inclusive, equitable and holistic. This recognizes the happiness of all well-being of the people as a higher priority.

History Of The Day – 

It was on the 20th of March, 2012 that the first UN Conference on Happiness occurred. The General Assembly acknowledged this resolution and determined that International Happiness Day should be observed every year on the 20th of March as well. To begin with, the origin of the day is none other than in 2013.

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Significance of the Day- 

World Happiness Day stands factual on a pedestal as it brings to light that the mental well-being and the overall happiness of human beings is a top priority, especially in the world today where things like mental stress and depression are on the rise. It omits that there should be a similar care for mental health and wellbeing. The governments and people should bear in mind that this issue should also be given attention and established in policies and activities.

The day is celebrated by  – 

  • Spread Positivity: Share positive messages, quotes, and photos on social media platforms to encourage and uplift others.
  • Practice Gratitude: Take time to mirror the stuff you are thankful for in your life. Write them down in a gratitude magazine or proportion them with buddies and family.
  • Spread Kindness: Perform random acts of kindness, such as complimenting a stranger, assisting someone in want, or donating to a charity.
  • Celebrate with Others: Organize or attend activities in your network that spread happiness and well-being. This can include workshops, seminars, or organization sports.

The International Day of Happiness is about recognising and prioritizing happiness and well-being in our lives and communities. Whatever you pick to do, make sure it pleases you and contributes to your universal happiness.

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International Day of Happiness Quotes, Messages – 

  • May your existence be filled with infinite joy and happiness. Happy International Day of Happiness!
  • Today, permits choose happiness, spread kindness, and make the world a brighter vicinity. Happy International Day of Happiness!
  • “This International Day of Happiness is more than just an amusing party, it additionally reminds us all that the sector is a higher area while we hook up with care about the people around us” — Dr Mark Williamson
  • Find joy in everyday life. Happy International Day of Happiness!
  • Wish for Love: May your existence be surrounded with the aid of love, laughter, and infinite happiness. Happy International Day of Happiness!
  • “The handiest aspect that will make you happy is being glad with who you are.” – Goldie Hawn

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