How To Protect Your Skin This Swimming Season?

How to Protect Your Skin This Swimming Season? Here are the best tips for your skin and hair! Stay cool, stay safe. 

Best Tips To Protect Your Skin This Swimming Season

Summer is upon us which means we are going to be spending a lot of time in the pool, getting a quick swim. But, how do you protect your skin this swimming season? We have you covered with some tips that will definitely help in keeping your skin safe and protected from all the chlorine. 

  1. Keep yourself hydrated 

Make sure that you have water and keep yourself hydrated before you enter the pool. 

2. Mandatory shower before entering the pool 

If you enter the pool dry, your body and hair will absorb chemicals much faster, so make sure you take a shower before you enter the pool. 

3. Do not forget to wear a hair cap

Chlorine will spoil your hair if you do not protect it properly. So, make sure you tie your hair in a bun and put the cap in a way that covers your entire hair. 

4. Oil your hair

Take some oil and pit it all over your hair like a protective outer layer. This will prevent the chlorine from getting in and keep the impact of harsh chemicals to a minimum. 

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5. Use swimming goggles

If you open your eyes in the pool, it is really important to wear goggles. Without the goggles, the chlorine will get into your eyes and can be very harmful. 

6. Post swimming shower

Even after you are done with swimming, make sure you wash off the chemicals from your body with water and getting your skin clean. 

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7. Moisturise and protect

When you step out after your swimming session, apply some cream, sunscreen and lip balm to keep the moisture intact. Sunscreen is a must if you have to be in the sun to reduce the chances of tanning. Use an umbrella to keep yourself protected as well. 

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