How to Handle Conflicts healthily

Learn how to handle conflicts in a healthy manner; Ways by which couples can have 'healthy' conflicts leading to the resolution of the argument

Fighting is not always negative and bad, here are some ways in which couples can Handle Conflicts healthily

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s exhilarating, overwhelming, even euphoric. However as soon as the romantic bliss fades, small problems like misunderstandings, heated arguments, blame games etc. come up on the surface. 

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Here are some ways by which one can resolve or handle conflicts in a healthy manner:

Express thoughts/ feeling with honesty 

At times, you might decide to hide your grievances or complaints together for the time being and share them a few days later. However, before you understand it, those unstated grievances can accumulate and turn that small issue into something big. It’s important that you and your partner directly talk about what’s bothering you in a sincere and concerned way.

Don’t play blame game

Avoid the blame game. It’s better to respond with “I feel” statements that maintain the focus on the difficulty to handle. An example is: “I feel irritated after I’m on my own, and you’re out together with your friends Or, “I feel frustrated that the trash hasn’t been taken out yet.” 

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Communication is the key

This is a line everyone has heard many times however it is nevertheless true: Healthy conversation between couples is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. It consists of attentive listening, making eye contact and giving your partner your full attention as they communicate and respond fairly.

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