Fashion Trends: Causes and Effects

Fashion trends: It's time to promote Indian culture and fashion in the global industry

Fashion trends evolving with time: Youth of today need to highlight India in the fashion world as well

Fashion trends are a driving force behind the fashion industry and whenever a new trend comes, designers create their own adaptation and consumers purchase their products.  Basically it’s a cycle in which a famous celebrity wears a dress, which catches people’s attention, and this is how it becomes the trend. It can be dresses, accessories, makeup or anything. The trend can also be in the form of piercing , tattoos, furniture etc. 

There is a positive impact of fashion as well as negative like in a positive way they give trendy looks,  new ideas, designs and it gives a chance to the designers to show their talent..Fashion also connects different people’s cultures and fashion has a power to make simple things look branded, stylish. And it also shows how fashionable a person is.

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Now if we look at the negative impact, nowadays young generations are into western or we can say modern culture. They are not into Indian culture as before… Western trends are increasing. More than making things popular in our country, people are more focused on other cultures. People are dressing in styles which are more revealing. And now we can see designers are more focused on creating something unique which kills the simplicity. Teenagers are more into promoting the latest trends. 

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In India we can see that trendy and western looks have become a business but it is important to keep our culture above these trends. It’s important to keep our culture in mind while creating these types of trends . Rather than making these western cultures flourish we can also make way for unique trends with our traditional clothing .

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