Diwali 2021: Get ready for your Office Diwali Party

Deciding on a look for Office Diwali Party? Don’t worry! We got you!

Festive season is already in full force and we are surely feeling it. With Diwali just around the corner, we all are getting ready for parties at home with family, at the office or to get together with friends. While parties are fun, the getting ready part is always a bit tiresome. There’s so much planning that goes into it and there’s so much to do. And Office Diwali Parties can be especially hectic.
Diwali Party
It is quite natural that you need a little help. So here we are to prepare you for your office party.
The first thing that you need to finalise in your Outfit! Now there are several ways you can style your outfit.

Traditional Ethnic

You can definitely go the traditional route and wear your ethnic sets. This is your opportunity to flaunt your sense of style in areas that are not ‘office formal’. Kurtas with palazzos, and flowing Anarkalis will definitely set the score high. Angrakha sets are also trending these days. 

Classic Saree

Apart from traditional kurtas and suits, you can also choose to go down the classic route and wear a beautiful saree. For an Office Diwali party, you can go with beautiful silk fabric for your saree. Paired with simple jewelery, a classic silk saree is the best bet. Talking of sarees, the chiffon fabric too goes amazingly well for a party. You can pair a chiffon saree with traditional jewelry for an extra chic look.

Indo- Western look

Fusion looks are all the rage right now. If you want to mix and match, you can pair different combinations and see what works best for you. A short Kurti paired with a skirt is a very chic look. Or you can try wearing a jacket over your Kurtas. Or you can simply go a cami top with ethnic pants or denim jeans with a long ethnic shrug. You can pair this outfit with a choker and simple makeup.

Bright colours

While choosing your outfits, try to go for brighter shades. Diwali is the festival of lights and only the night sky should go with an all black look on this day. So choose colours like pink, red, turquoise, mustard yellow, or green. You can also go for pastel colours. Traditional outfits in the colour peach also look very chic.
Bright colours


Now moving on from clothes to footwear. It is important that while you want to look ultra chic, you also take care of your comfort. Uncomfortable shoes during a party can completely ruin your night. Of course, if you are comfortable in heels, then it is perfectly alright to go with them. They not only increase your height, it also works to accentuate your body figure. If you are going with a traditional outfit, simple heels or traditional jutis will work the best. For your workplace, don’t try to overdo it with your footwear. Simple shoes will go a long way. If opting for an indo-western look, you can also go with simple boots.
Now that the outfit and the footwear is decided, you must decide your makeup look. For an Office Diwali Party, and your workplace, keep it simple. Don’t go for the overkill. A simple makeup will look the best in the setting. Avoid heavy and glittery make-upDon’t apply dark shades all over your face. With a dark shade for lips, go easy on the eyes. A subtle and understated look will work the best for your Office Diwali Party.
With your outfit, footwear and make-up sorted, go and enjoy your Diwali party. Although it is important that you keep the pandemic in mind and take necessary precautions and keep safe. 

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