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Christmas 2023: 3 Fashion Influencers Dole Out Fashion Advice To Look Your Best This X’mas

Discover festive fashion wisdom with our influencers! Pranjali's elegance, Kanishk's fusion, and Laakshi's eco-friendly style for a memorable Christmas 2023.

Christmas 2023: Unveiling Festive Fashion Wisdom from 3 Influencers

 Discover Unique Styles and Sustainable Choices for a Stylish Christmas Celebration

As the enchanting holiday season draws near and Christmas sparkles on the horizon, three influential fashion personas are paving the way for a spectacular Yuletide celebration with an eclectic mix of trends. From cosy winter wear to office chic and glamorous party looks, this year’s Christmas fashion promises a delightful blend of comfort and style. Let’s delve into the insights shared by these fashion gurus to guide you in looking your absolute best this Christmas.

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Pranjali Singh: Embracing Historical Charm in Cherry Red Elegance

Pranjali Singh, anticipating the most-awaited winter festival, is gearing up to showcase her distinctive style. For Pranjali, Christmas fashion is about creating a joyous and festive ambience. She recommends donning a striking cherry red colour and incorporating lace on elegant velvet or satin gowns to infuse a touch of historical charm into the ensemble.

According to Pranjali’s style philosophy, a well-groomed hairstyle adorned with a charming bow clip adds a polished and refined look. She emphasizes the importance of details, advocating for hand gloves to bring a touch of elegance. Pranjali encourages everyone to prioritize proper hair care, suggesting the addition of pearls or diamonds for an extra touch of luxury. Completing her elegant look, she recommends exquisite shoes, pearls, or diamonds for an added touch of sophistication.

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Kanishk Anand: Desi Vibes Meet Modern Flair

Known for his unique desi looks, Kanishk Anand breaks away from traditional fashion trends this Christmas. He opts for a striking red kurta paired with sleek white or classic black pants, effortlessly channelling Desi vibes for the festive occasion. Adding a contemporary flair, Kanishk elevates his ensemble with carefully chosen rings and a chain, infusing a touch of Gen Z into the traditional outfit.

Kanishk’s fashion-forward approach serves as a testament to celebrating the season with a personalized touch and a nod to cultural heritage. This Christmas, let’s draw inspiration from Kanishk’s narrative and embrace the festive spirit, honouring our unique identities and cultural roots.

Laakshi Pathak: Trendsetting Eco-Friendly Fashion

This Christmas season, Laakshi Pathak sets a trend by showcasing artistry in coordinating while upholding a dedication to eco-responsibility. Drawing inspiration from Alia Bhatt’s admirable act of re-wearing her wedding saree at the National Awards, Laakshi challenges the notion of not repeating outfits.

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Laakshi emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about the environmental and financial effects of fast-changing fashion. She proposes useful ways to advocate sustainable fashion, including thrifting, swapping clothes, renting outfits, and styling creatively. Laakshi recommends conscious purchasing by concentrating on real requirements, motivating the donation or thrifting of unused outfits to declutter wardrobes and provide clothing to those in need. 

As we approach the festive holiday season, these fashion influencers not only guide us on styling for Christmas but also impart significant lessons about embracing our true selves and caring for the environment. Pranjali’s timeless elegance, Kanishk’s fusion of tradition and modernity, and Laakshi’s commitment to sustainable fashion collectively remind us that the true spirit of Christmas lies not only in festive attire but also in celebrating our unique identities and making responsible choices.

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