Best 5 Summer Essentials for Hydrated & Supple Skin

Keep your skin radiant all summer with these 5 essentials! Stay hydrated and supple with simple skincare solutions.

Glowing Through Summer: 5 Must-Have Essentials for Hydrated Skin

Summer with its sunlight, heat and outdoor activity poses serious hydration and elasticity problems to our skins. To fight that heat and maintain the luster of your skin you need to make the proper items a part of your skincare regimen for the summer. Make your skin healthy and hydrated even during the hot season with these 5 best essential summer essentials.

1.    Hydration Heroes: Suntan Lotion and Moisturizer:
The best way to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays in the summer is to use sunscreen and moisturiser. Apply next broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect both UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, moisturize your skin base daily with a lightweight, non-clogging especially cream for increased moisture levels and a healthy skin barrier.

Top 5 Summer Essentials to Keep Your Skin Supple and Hydrated - News18

2.    Refreshing Mists: Refresher on the Go: Never forget to carry your hydrating mist to instantly revitalize you throughout the day. A fair a day usage of facial spray not only helps to calm and moisturize skin but also gives an instant relief by cooling and refreshing skin during hot and dry weather. Seek mists made from aloe vera or rosewater and infused with hydrating substances for an extra touch of relief.

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3. Nourishing Serums: Vitamin Serum for Skin: Imagine having serum with vitamins and antioxidants as your secret weapon this summer. Vitamin C serum is able to make skin brighter and can also shield against environmental affects, while hyaluronic acid serium retains moisture in skin for well hydrated and plumped up appearance. Weave in these potent components into your nightly regimen for a fresh-faced and radiant skin.

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4. Hydrating Masks: Spoil for Your Skin: Conduct a weekly hydrating mask session to revive moisture wither your skin goes through. Instead of regular masks opt for hydrating masks, which promote better absorption hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or cucumber while moistening dry skin. During our pampering mask routine, you will experience a perfect summer by letting your skin feel healthy and delightful.

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5. Healthy Hydration from Within: Wholesome Food: Water is what makes hydration from inside. Take adequate water to satisfy your body and skin from the inside out and keep them hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, include highly hydrated fruits and vegetables into your diets, e.g. watermelon, cucumber and oranges, to add up moisture and preserve skin health.

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