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5 Bad Habits that are Healthy: Read & thank us later!

5 Bad Habits that are healthy & one should not regret it!


  • Bad habits that are not actually bad
  • Habits that will make you healthier

Bad Habits that are healthy: Growing up, we all were scolded by our parents for doing the things that were not good for us. Do you have some bad habits? The ones you try to avoid because you know they are bad for you? But we had no other choices, but to do it secretly. Not that it is fun, but still, at the end of the day, we feel guilty for committing those crimes!

Good news — some of them are not actually bad at all. In fact, some of these habits are healthy.

So next time when someone scolds you for your bad habits, don’t even worry about it – because these bad habits are actually good for you. They’re just quirks — quirks that may even be improving your life.

Drink coffee at your own peril
Drinking coffee can be a Healthy habit to

1. Liquid Energy- COFFEE: People have pointed fingers at your coffee, claiming it is the reason for heart attacks, strokes, cancer, body growth and your quality of sleep.  To all the coffeeholics, studies have found that coffee is actually full of antioxidants and studies have proven that coffee offers many health benefits. Coffee drinkers are less likely to have Type 2 diabetes than non-coffee drinkers. They have fewer cases of strokes, heart rhythm problems, and liver cancer. Some of the chemicals in a coffee can actually help you with your memory. So next time someone tries to talk you out of it, you know you are improving your health!

2. Nail Biter: Your hands are covered in germs, you definitely know this. However, biting your nails could actually help you in relieving stress and anxiety. It is a fact proven that by biting your nails, you let germs and bacteria get into your body and that will boost your body’s immune system! Some doctors say that small-scale exposure to germs help you build up your immunities, making you less likely to get sick in the long run. It’s actually not as bad as you think it is for your health.

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3. Chocoholic: We always hear chocolate is all sugar, with no nutritional benefits, and tons of empty calories!  Dark chocolate is absolutely bursting with a compound called flavonoids, which have a role in preventing a ton of diseases and health issues, from cancer to strokes. Just make sure that you’re opting for dark chocolate to satisfy your craving. It really prevents many diseases and health issues!

The benefits are great — it may help prevent blood clots and decrease your risk of developing cancer. Eating more than 45 grams of chocolate per week (about two bars worth) led to a 20% decrease in stroke risk among women.


 4. Bath Love-Hate Relationship: Obviously, it is  not great for health – or social life – if you constantly skip showers. But research has found that missing an occasional shower can be good for you, as washing too frequently can strip your skin of good bacteria. Your natural oils keep your skin supple and hydrated in order to look youthful and can prevent disease. You do not need to wash your hair all the time. Hair is a fibre, which means if you wash it every day, you can cause your hair to lose some of its shape and strength. But don’t go all stinky out there saying that it is beneficial!

5. Oversleeping: This could be the one that we all have been wishing secretly to be beneficial! Although the ones that sleep longer than 12 hours every single day might be struggling with depression, normal people feel a lot better after sleeping even one minute more than what they’re used to. Many studies preach about the benefits of getting up before 7 a.m. But, sleeping late can actually improve your long-term memory, the capacity to learn, and your memory organization.

However, catching up with sleep is extremely important, if you haven’t got seven hours sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your memory; mental alertness and mood while long-term lack of sleep can lead to serious health issues. Don’t sleep all day, but don’t feel bad when you stay in bed a little bit longer.

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