225 Beautiful Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With The Letter R With Their Meanings In November 2023 | Complete Guide

What Are The Best Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With The Letter R?

What Are The Best Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With The Letter R?

Here is a list of Hindu baby boy names for your newborn. Ensuring that your baby has a name that you can be proud of is important. Names have a certain significance in the lives of people and their meanings also hold special importance, so ensure that you pick a name that speaks to you. 

Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With “R” and Their Meanings:

  1. Rajesh: King of Kings; Lord of Kings.
  2. Ritvik: Priest; Intelligent.
  3. Rohan: Ascending; A small ascending red flower used in India.
  4. Rudra: Lord Shiva; The terrible one; Roaring storm.
  5. Rishi: Sage; Saint; Name of a saint.
  6. Rajat: Silver; Courageous; Splendid.
  7. Ritish: Lord of seasons; God of truth.
  8. Ranveer: Hero of the battle; Winner.
  9. Reyansh: Part of Lord Vishnu; Ray of light.
  10. Rithvik: Priest; Intelligent; Learned person.
  11. Rishabh: Morality; Superior; The musical note Re.
  12. Rishit: The best; Saintly; Sacred.
  13. Rudransh: A part of Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh.
  14. Ruchir: Radiant; Bright; Beautiful.
  15. Raghavendra: Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu.
  16. Rahul: Efficient; Conqueror of all miseries; Buddha’s son.
  17. Ravi: Sun; Star; Fire; The Sun God.
  18. Rushil: Charming; Graceful; Attractive.
  19. Rehaan: Sweet-scented; Star.
  20. Ritik: Conqueror of truth; Love.
  21. Rupesh: God of beauty; Lord of the form.
  22. Ritayan: Path of truth.
  23. Rushang: Charming; Elegant; Graceful.
  24. Rupin: Possessing a beautiful form.
  25. Ruhan: Spiritual; Kind-hearted; A person with a good soul.
  26. Ritesh: Lord of the truth; Lord of principles.
  27. Rasik: Connoisseur of music; Enjoying the essence of life.
  28. Rohin: Rising; Fire; Lord Shiva.
  29. Rijul: Innocent; Simple; True.
  30. Ruchit: Brightness; Shining; Pleasant; Brilliant.
  31. Rudhraj: Fierce king; Conqueror of enemies.
  32. Raahi: Traveler; One who travels.
  33. Rishan: Good human being; Music lover.
  34. Rahil: Path guide; Traveler.
  35. Roshan: Bright; Illuminated; Shining.
  36. Ridham: Prosperous; Great; Happiness.
  37. Rushal: Cheerful; Satisfied; Blissful.
  38. Ridit: Invited; Desired; Venerated.
  39. Rohit: Red; The first rays of the morning sun.
  40. Ruvan: Handsome; Beautiful.
  41. Ridhvik: Scholar; Who provides prosperity.
  42. Rudraksh: A kind of seed; Lord Shiva’s tear.
  43. Rugved: A collection of hymns in the Vedas.
  44. Ravir: The Sun; Another name for the Sun God.
  45. Rivan: Horse rider; Lord Shiva.
  46. Ravijot: Light of the Sun.
  47. Rupak: Beautiful; Handsome; A form.
  48. Ridhaan: Searching; Lord Vishnu.
  49. Rohiniraman: Beloved of Rohini; Lord Krishna.
  50. Rajanyan: Defender of the kingdom.
  51. Rudresh: Lord Shiva; God of thunder.
  52. Rushikesh: Lord Vishnu; Lord of the sages.
  53. Rachit: Invention; Written.
  54. Rishay: Saintly; The best among saints.
  55. Rudrik: Fearless; Brave; Kind.
  56. Ravishu: Lord Vishnu.
  57. Ratnajit: Conqueror of jewels.
  58. Ruchak: Shining; Bright; Attractive.
  59. Rushit: Brightness; Shining; Pleasant; Brilliant.
  60. Rujul: Honest; Simple; Innocent.
  61. Rudraansh: A part of Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh.
  62. Ridwan: Acceptance; Goodwill; Satisfaction.
  63. Rohiniraman: Beloved of Rohini; Lord Krishna.
  64. Rajanyan: Defender of the kingdom.
  65. Rudresh: Lord Shiva; God of thunder.
  66. Rushikesh: Lord Vishnu; Lord of the sages.
  67. Rachit: Invention; Written.
  68. Rishay: Saintly; The best among saints.
  69. Rudrik: Fearless; Brave; Kind.
  70. Ravishu: Lord Vishnu.
  71. Ratnajit: Conqueror of jewels.
  72. Ruchak: Shining; Bright; Attractive.
  73. Rushit: Brightness; Shining; Pleasant; Brilliant.
  74. Rujul: Honest; Simple; Innocent.
  75. Rudraansh: A part of Lord Shiva; Lord Ganesh.
  76. Ridwan: Acceptance; Goodwill; Satisfaction.
  77. Rohinish: Moon.
  78. Rasagnya: Knowledgeable; Wise.
  79. Ruhin: Who touches the heart; Kind-hearted.
  80. Rohiniraj: King of Rohini; Moon.
  81. Ritvik: Priest; Intelligent; Learned person.
  82. Rushith: Intelligent; Wise; Gentle.
  83. Rudranshak: A part of Lord Shiva.
  84. Rahasya: Secret; Mystery.
  85. Rivansh: Part of a river.
  86. Ratnadeep: Jewel of lamps; Deepak filled with jewels.
  87. Rohinish: Lord of the day; Moon.
  88. Rishad: Integrity; Noble.
  89. Ritvij: Season; Preacher; A priest.
  90. Rohanlal: Beloved; Variant of Rohan.
  91. Rudraman: Wearing Rudraksha.
  92. Rishin: Saint; Moonbeam; Peacock.
  93. Raktakamal: Red lotus.
  94. Rushit: Bright; Radiant.
  95. Rudranil: Lord Shiva; A blue jewel.
  96. Rishvanth: Loyal; Honest; Variant of Rishvan.
  97. Rudraksha: A kind of seed; Lord Shiva’s tear.
  98. Rachin: Creative; Invention.
  99. Rithwik: Fire; The priest who performs Yajna.
  100. Ratul: Love; Variant of Ratna.
  101. Ridhaan: Searching; Explorer.
  102. Roshwin: Lord of light.
  103. Rijak: Kind-hearted; Sweet.
  104. Raghavendra: Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu.
  105. Ruchiransh: Handsome; Radiant.
  106. Raiden: Thunder and lightning; God’s spirit.
  107. Rithin: Courageous; Kind-hearted.
  108. Rahim: Compassionate; Merciful; Variant of Rahman.
  109. Rupinder: Embodiment of beauty.
  110. Rushabh: Morality; Superior.
  111. Rajanikant: Moon; Lord of night.
  112. Ruhul: Spiritual; Soulful; Variant of Ruh.
  113. Raghavendra: Devotee of Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu.
  114. Ridit: Invited; Desired; Venerated.
  115. Ranak: King; Sovereign ruler.
  116. Ritik: Joyful movement; Name of Lord Shiva.
  117. Rupad: Shapely; Beautiful.
  118. Rajatvir: Brave like silver; Courageous warrior.
  119. Rushil: Charming; Energetic.
  120. Ritayu: Long life; A person with a long life span.
  121. Roshanth: Elegant; Beautiful.
  122. Rivansh: Part of a river; A musical note.
  123. Rijak: Kind-hearted; Gentle.
  124. Rushik: Devotee; Saintly.
  125. Rajushek: Lord Shiva; King of the auspicious.
  126. Rajanand: Joy of the king; Delightful.
  127. Rukhman: Radiant; Shining.
  128. Rishith: Superior; Wise; Best among all.
  129. Rudrapal: Protector of Lord Shiva; A guardian.
  130. Ratnadev: Lord of jewels; A precious person.
  131. Raghuram: Lord Rama; An embodiment of Lord Rama.
  132. Rohith: Red; The first rays of the morning sun.
  133. Rudrakshak: A kind of seed; a Tear of Lord Shiva.
  134. Ruchitak: Bright; Decorated; Shining.
  135. Rahitya: Incomparable; Unique.
  136. Rushang: Delightful; Pleasant; Full of Charm.
  137. Rasajna: Knowledgeable; Wise.
  138. Ruchiranshu: Radiant; Shining.
  139. Rohanit: Night; Dark.
  140. Ratnavir: Heroic like a jewel; A brave person.
  141. Rushang: Charming; Handsome; Elegant.
  142. Rutvikram: Skillful; Efficient; Swift.
  143. Rasenjit: Conqueror of desires; Victorious.
  144. Rupayan: Story; Epic; Legend.
  145. Rajatbhushan: Adorned with silver; Wearing silver ornaments.
  146. Rochak: Tasty; Interesting; Entertaining.
  147. Rashmil: Ray of light; Sunbeam.
  148. Ruchap: Attractive; Pleasing.
  149. Ratnagarbha: Repository of jewels; Treasure chest.
  150. Rushith: Brightness; Radiance; Brilliance.
  151. Rutvijay: Victory of truth; Conqueror of seasons.
  152. Ruchik: Attractive; Beautiful; Charming.
  153. Ruchaksh: Bright-eyed; Full of light.
  154. Rutwak: Brightness; Radiance.
  155. Ratnajiv: Jewel-like life; Precious life.
  156. Rohil: Energetic; Enthusiastic.
  157. Ravinya: Pleasant; Beautiful; Delightful.
  158. Rushas: Passionate; Energetic; and Filled with zeal.
  159. Rutwikesh: Lord of the priestly duties; The chief priest.
  160. Rijit: Lively; Joyous.
  161. Ratith: Blue; The colour of the sky.
  162. Rudranshu: Part of Lord Shiva; Radiant.
  163. Roshwin: Brilliant; Bright.
  164. Roshit: Illuminated; Brightened.
  165. Ruvijay: Victorious; Winning all battles.
  166. Ritkarn: Skilled; Talented.
  167. Rahmanya: Divine; Merciful; Compassionate.
  168. Rujaksh: One with bright eyes.
  169. Ravirath: Son of the Sun; Charmed by the Sun.
  170. Rudraneel: Blue like Lord Shiva; The colour blue.
  171. Rajanjan: Beloved of the king; Heartening.
  172. Ruhikant: Full of soul; Beautiful soul.
  173. Raswanth: Full of essence; Enthusiastic.
  174. Rukmand: Lord Krishna’s friend and beloved companion.
  175. Rishavya: Compassionate; Merciful.
  176. Rashit: Perfect; Well-governed; Ordered.
  177. Ratulit: Unmeasured; Incomparable.
  178. Rushat: Shining; Radiant; Glowing.
  179. Ruvanit: Brilliant; Shining.
  180. Rohanvit: Embodiment of energy; Full of life.
  181. Ridhvikram: Prosperous; Wealthy; Successful.
  182. Ruparth: Beautiful; Good-looking; Pleasing.
  183. Ritayush: Long-lived; Full of life.
  184. Rasagya: Knowledgeable; Expert.
  185. Raghuth: The best among kings; An eminent ruler.
  186. Rahyan: Sweet-smelling; Fragrant.
  187. Rushmeet: Friendly; Companionable.
  188. Rutul: Transparent; Honest; Simple.
  189. Ravija: Born of the Sun; Lotus-born.
  190. Ruhij: Born of the soul; Heartfelt.
  191. Rithun: Season; Period; Time.
  192. Rakshul: Protector; Guardian.
  193. Rutwin: Winner of seasons; Victorious.
  194. Rijulit: Straightforward; Honest; Simple.
  195. Rohilash: Full of enthusiasm; Energetic.
  196. Ratneshwar: Lord of jewels; Lord Shiva.
  197. Ruvanjan: Entertaining; Charming; Delightful.
  198. Rasagni: Connoisseur of essence; Knowledgeable.
  199. Rudrat: Gift of Shiva; One blessed by Lord Shiva.
  200. Rohindev: God of the Red Lotus; Lord Brahma.
  201. Ranajit: Victorious; Winner in wars.
  202. Rishabhanu: The moon; Father of Radha.
  203. Rijulian: Simple; Honest; Innocent.
  204. Rudhran: Fierce; Another name for Lord Shiva.
  205. Rinajit: Victor of the battle; Winner of conflicts.
  206. Rasmit: Full of essence; Delightful.
  207. Ruchyan: Bright; Radiant; Shining.
  208. Rakshan: Protector; Guardian.
  209. Rutvijit: Conqueror of truth; Victorious.
  210. Rithwikesh: Lord of the priestly duties; Chief priest.
  211. Ruhanth: Charming; Graceful; Elegant.
  212. Ravishan: Lord Vishnu; Illuminated.
  213. Ruchirat: Beautifully colored; Bright.
  214. Ranadip: Lamp of battles; Brightness of wars.
  215. Rohinraj: King of the Red Lotus; Lord Brahma.
  216. Rishov: Full of sunlight; Brightness.
  217. Rakshakar: Protector; Guardian.
  218. Ritwak: Brightness; Luminosity.
  219. Rupachit: Beautifully formed; Handsome.
  220. Rohinikar: Creator of the Red Lotus; Lord Brahma.
  221. Ridhyansh: A part of the heart; Kind.
  222. Rushitman: Full of shining; Radiant.
  223. Rishikant: Lord Shiva; Lord of the saints.
  224. Rohinish: Moonlight; Lord Chandra.
  225. Rupabhanu: Beautiful like the sun; Radiant.

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