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TED Talks can motivate employees: Why to add it in Employee Engagement program?

TED Talks can motivate your employees

What are TED Talks and what makes them an integral part of Gen Z? Well, TED stands for Technology, Education, and design.  TED is a non – profit organization that uses short influential videos and power talks to spread knowledge. TED Talks have been spreading knowledge among different communities since 1984. There are two formats of TED Talks- TED deals with its subjects on a global level whereas TEDX typically focuses on local communities. Well, TED talks can motivate your employees. Here is why it should be added to your HR list.

TED Talks and Employee Engagement

In today’s era employee engagement has become an integral part of Human Resource. Stress, competition, late working hours, all these have become common. A lot of times employees feel frustrated. In that case, TED talks can come in handy. You can start your TEDx event for your employees. You can hold the event every six months (bigger organization) and if you have fewer people in your team, you can hold it once in a month. You can invite your employees to become speakers. Tell them to pen down their ideas and content. Once they all submit it, choose the best.

Guide them to choose an idea for which they are passionate. Also, guide them on how to prepare a TED Talk.  Here are a few things that everybody should keep in mind while writing a TED Talk.
1. The idea that you want to share should be clear in your mind.
2. Practice new ways of narration that will keep your audience hooked. Take everyone on a journey along with you. But stick to the topic.
3. Use metaphors, examples and personal experiences to make it interesting.
4. Do not forget to make your closing strong to leave a long-lasting impact

How it can help your employees?

When it comes to TED Talks, we all think about celebrities and some bigwigs. But why can’t a common person do that? It will boost the confidence of your team. Also, employees will be able to explore new and fresh ideas. Just choose the right theme. This will definitely help your employees in a long run.

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