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Do not miss: What all happened at technofest on last day?

Find out, what all were the main attractions at technofest on last day

Technofest that was organized by CSIR to celebrate its platinum jubilee finally came to an end. CSIR won gold medal for excellence display in the category of ‘Ministries & Departments’at the 36th India International Trade Fair (IITF), which concluded here on Sunday. Here is all that happened at technofest on last day.

Do not miss: What all happened at technofest on last day?

Here are few highlights of the event

  1. On Saturday, the theme pavilion on ‘Leather’ showcased various leather technologies and exhibits speaking very high about technological advancements in the leather industry. Dr. D. B. Chandrasekaran, Director, CSIR-CLRI welcomed the delegates at a round table panel discussion moderated by Dr. T. Ramasami, Former DG-CSIR/Former Director, CSIR-CLRI who gave an overview of the futuristic technologies to boost the leather industry.
  2. The ‘Leather’ pavilion intensively exhibited 10-12 samples of leathers, handcrafted footwear and bags that attracted the visitors.
  3. The exhibits showed CSIR initiative on ‘Wealth from Waste’, an initiative by the lab to produce fabric and products from leather waste and biomaterial waste. CSIR-CLRI is also acting as a fashion niche to the Indian leather world as it is manufacturing fashionable apparels made of leather. Products based on chicken feet-skin, fish skin and ostrich skin have been developed by CSIR-CLRI.
  4. Do not miss: What all happened at technofest on last day?

  5. On Sunday, CSIR won gold medal . The medal was presented by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) Chairman, Mr. L.C. Mittal.

Dr.GirishSahni, Director General, CSIR said, “Getting recognized for what CSIR is doing is indeed exciting. Everything happened because of the hard work put in by the entire CSIR family. The outcome of the last 75 year journey of the organization was on display and people liked it. We tried to portray our technologies in an aesthetically appealing way and we succeeded, as we stood first. This will boost us to continue the good work in the future.”

Technofest kicked-off on November 14 and continued till November 27th. Each day of the event was dedicated to different themes on various technology, innovations and products developed by the CSIR.

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