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The Dark ‘Mirror’ World of Gambling Apps: Mahadev Book Controversy

A government crackdown targets 22 gambling platforms, including Mahadev Book, exposing offshore links and the challenge of regulating online gambling.

Government’s Crackdown on Illegal Gambling: The Story of Mahadev Book and Its Offshore Connections

New Delhi: To combat illegal gambling websites, the government took action against 22 offshore and Indian gambling platforms, many of which were linked to Mahadev Book. These sites had become increasingly popular, despite being previously blocked. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) played a crucial role in recommending these actions.

The ED alleged that Mahadev Book offered illegal betting services for various games and events, from card games to cricket and even elections in India. The platform’s promoters, Sourabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal, are suspected of running the operation from abroad, outsourcing various aspects of the business, such as setting up bank accounts and advertising.

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Illegal Sites: India to Abroad

Several of these blocked websites claimed Indian addresses and phone numbers, but their actual operations extended beyond borders, often being associated with UK-based companies. Despite government advisories against online betting platforms, some publications continued to advertise them, and celebrities endorsed these platforms.

The case sheds light on the challenges of regulating online gambling and the need for stringent measures to curb its growth and protect users from potential harm.

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