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Pune Porsche Tragedy: Teen’s Mother Arrested for Tampering with Blood Evidence

Teen's mother arrested for swapping blood samples in Pune Porsche accident case. Family's attempts to mislead authorities exposed amid public outrage and legal actions.

Mother Arrested in Pune Porsche Case for Tampering with Teen’s Blood Sample to Obstruct Investigation

The recent update on the Pune Porsche accident involves the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) that has now allowed the police to question the teenage car racer involved in the mishap. The Juvenile Justice Act of India has a provision stating that an investigation of a minor must be carried out in the presence of the parents/guardians.

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Recently, the Pune Police Crime Branch arrested the teen’s mother, who is believed to have been the cause of the death of two people. She allegedly replaced her blood sample with that of her son and this was in an effort to prove that he was not drunk during the time of the accident. Pune Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar confirmed that the blood sample of the minor was swapped with that of his mother; an exercise in futility given the knowledge detectives possessed.

Pune Porsche Accident: Mother of accused minor arrested in the case - BusinessToday

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The fatal accident took place in Kalyani Nagar, Pune where two Information Technology employees on a twowheeler motorbike were killed on the spot when a teenage car owner hit them with his premium car. Some studies proved that the teen was under the influence of alcohol at the time of . The family, however, made efforts that led to them providing wrong information to the authorities. First of all, they attempted to shift the blame to their family driver as if he were driving at the time of the accident. The initial statement of the driver was aligned with this falsehood, but later, the driver admitted that he was pressured by the teen’s family to do it.

After that, the teen’s grandfather was arrested for the offense of unlawful detention of the driver, and his father was arrested by the authority on judicial custody immediately after the accident occurred. The case attracted much attention when this minor was released on bail as soon as he told the judge he would write an essay on traffic accidents among other terms and conditions. This led to some public outcry as he was released on bail and later transferred to juvenile home after revoking his bail.

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More recently, some claims have been made against some officials of the Maharashtra government trying to protect the minor from legal repercussions which has only made the case more complicated besides raising more public outrage.

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