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Does Armaan Malik Like To Brag His 2-Wife Status? Influencers Promoting Polygamy Aren’t Cool

How does Armaan Malik rise to fame? – The Saga of Betrayal was projected in the name of love. High time to speak against influencers promoting Polygamy.

Influencers promoting Polygamy: Have you ever heard about Armaan Malik and his two wives, Payal and Kritika? Yes! You read it right. TikTok famed Armaan Malik’s only flex is that he has two wives, and they are living under the same roof happily.

Yes, this is an act of Polygamy, which is illegal in India. However, it is prohibited for Hindus, but in Islam, a male is permitted to have multiple wives’ a maximum of 4. As per our research, Armaan Malik follows Islam, and his two wives are Hindus. No offence to anybody; we are not here to take a religious take but to discuss how social media influencers promote Polygamy, which is not cool.

How does Armaan Malik rise to fame? – The Saga of Betrayal

In 2011, Armaan and his first wife, Payal, met at a bank where she was an employee. Some official meetings turned into romance, and they decided to exchange wows within seven days of the relationship. After too many hardships, they bought a home together in Delhi. In 2016, they were blessed with a baby boy. This was a rejoicing moment for both, as Payal and Armaan had already faced a miscarriage before the birth of their first child.

They seemed to be a small happy family unless Kritika entered their life. She was apparently Payal’s friend. Kritika used to visit Payal’s house, where she met Armaan regularly. Eventually, they exchanged numbers, and Payal gave Kritika’s number to Armaan.

Later, Payal let Kritika stay with them for seven days for the icing on the cake as the latter’s trip got cancelled. So, it’s evident that Payal worked as a moderator for Armaan and Kritika.

In August 2018, Kritika and Armaan did a court marriage, although Armaan was already married to Payal and informed her later. As per this family’s story, Armaan’s first wife was cool with it and even accepted them with open arms.

Writer’s note: Imagine your partner is entering your home with another spouse and expecting you to be cool about it. A person with a sane mentality may not react like this under normal circumstances. But as per this family, it was all platonic. In which world are you living, Payal? Being an educated, modern and independent woman, how you didn’t step up for self-respect. And you, Kritika, knowing that a person is already married and has a kid, how can you agree to such a relationship? I highly doubt your integrity and intelligence. Pyar itna bhi andhe nhi hote!!

When the Malik family were telling their story, they said both girls’ families were distraught and wished to take them along (at least someone was behaving rationally). Kritika was given a choice to choose her family or to stay with Armaan. And you know which side did she choose. Payal stayed with her parents for over a year but eventually returned to her husband, disgracing her self-respect.

Why is it always hard for women to step back from a relationships?


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Considering Payal’s situation, she married Armaan in haste. Before taking such an important decision, a woman or any other person should give some time to know their love interest better. It is said, “You should not judge a person from their past”. True, but it also alarms you for an unforeseen future. You are always in a position to judge how much you should trust and not.

Payal had invested her time, emotions and money with Armaan, and it is difficult for a woman to walk out so quickly. A woman tends to become dependent on her male partner, both financially and emotionally. And when it is time to end that relationship, she wonders what she will do next. How will I survive alone? Will I find love again? How will I manage my expenses?

All these questions put her in a dilemma, and she often chooses to compromise, which happened in the case of Malik’s family.

Pyar kya hota hai sirf ek baar?

Like Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Armaan Malik defied this statement. He had justified that ‘Pyar Baar Baar ho Sakta hai.’ That means we can expect a third wife any day, and she may also live happily with his first two wives. And what if Payal and Kritika fell in love with other guys? Will Armaan’s male ego allow him to accept them?

On the top, both wives are pregnant at the same time. Yes!

Writer’s note: Imagine that this guy impregnated both women simultaneously. I can’t imagine how their children and future children will make peace with this situation. Indeed grouse! 

Armaan and his family enjoy a collective fanbase of approximately 10 million. And the former’s only brag is that he has two wives. And it seems he likes to flex it like an achievement. This is building a false narrative amongst his fanbase that it is okay to have two wives, and you may also rise to fame, viz, promoting Polygamy. Their fans also argue that Polygamy was a usual practice in early India.

Yes, Polygamy was practised in India, but it was prohibited for various reasons.

Side effects of Polygamy

Research on Polygamy says it is not a healthy practice for several reasons. Females are more likely to be affected. And having two sexual partners at the same time definitely divides your attention span and develops jealousy. Individual studies report a higher prevalence of somatization, depression, anxiety, hostility, psychoticism and psychiatric disorder in polygynous wives, as well as reduced life and marital satisfaction, problematic family functioning and low self-esteem.


Right now, millions of people are following the Malik family. Some may also wish to live the same life. Those influenced by them may resort to such practices in search of fame and fortune. Life on social media is far different from what happens in the real world. A person may suffocate in these relationships but cannot step out because their identity is now intact. Therefore, influencers promoting Polygamy are not cool, and people should consciously choose their ideals.

Sharing is caring but sharing your man is foolishness.

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