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Hilarious memes on clear sky which are making us go ROFL!

Twitter flooded with hilarious memes on better air quality and clear skies in India due to lockdown

One of the few good things about the coronavirus lockdown is that very few vehicles are running on roads. Almost all the factories are shut thus, the air pollution has come down considerably. The direct result of low pollution has led to clear skies.

People who have a habit of living with pollution cannot believe that they are seeing clear skies. This has made them start a meme fest on Twitter. Look at some hilarious memes on clear skies and less air pollution.

I hope we could see Paris

Sharp eye there! We Guess

Ahhh! That’s why we were able to see pink moon recently

If a Bhojpuri movie is made on this, it would be called “India Gate se Gateway of India”. You Know the inspiration, right, “Patna Se Pakistan”, a Nirahua movie.

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Why didn’t you ask God to end the pandemic? Such an idiot!

This requires special attention

It is some Hollywood kind of stuff. The market is not open or we would have bought some high-end binoculars today.

This is weird man! How could you look into past. Don’t create a new timeline here. We don’t want you to mess with time.

We wonder if we could look into past, we would have wanted to reach Wankhede Stadium on 2nd April 2011 to witness India’s World Cup Win.

This way we can start organizing tournaments then. Sports tournaments and events are cancelled because we do not want people to gather at a place, but it seems that now we can watch and cheer for our player and team directly from home. Will someone call Sourav Ganguly and ask him to organize IPL, we want Dhoni in action.

Ab Zyada Ho Raha Hai, Theek Na. Don’t be Aamir and Salman of Andaaz Apna Apna. Kuch bhi Phek Rahe hai, Matlab Batao Zara.

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