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Bangladesh Violence: With High Hopes Bangladeshi Hindus say, ‘Save Us India’

Let us know what Bangladesh Violence is all about

The Minority Hindu communities in Bangladesh are under attack. This matter has taken a Political turn in India too. The political row has erupted over the killing of Hindu in Bangladesh. Let us know what Bangladesh Violence is all about.

Various footage of the attack on Durga puja pandals was circulated on social media. This year, an Iskcon temple also came under attack where five people were killed by the mob. In the past, fatalities were not seen as Durga puja pandals were attacked earlier too. But this year lynching has taken a brutal turn.

Fatalities have led to rising fear among minorities Hindus in Bangladesh. That is why the minority community is reaching out to the Indian high commission for their safety.

Hindu delegation meets Indian Envoy

High commissioner Vikram Doraiswami met a delegation, which included representatives from Iskon as well. As per reports, it is said that victims were reassured that their matter will be taken to the Bangladesh government.

The Indian commissioner is in touch with the Bangladesh government. Moreover, there is acknowledgment from both sides, that the Sheikh Hasina government had beefed up the security for Hindu minorities. Paramilitary forces are also deployed at the places where Durga Puja Pandals were present and where the minority are vulnerable to attack. However, the hate mongers did not seem to be affected by it and attacks have continued despite warnings from the Bangladeshi government. Attacks, deaths, and hatred are creating more panic amongst the community.

A sharp warning from Sheikh Hasina is also issued that stringent actions will be taken against the perpetrators and miscreants if the attacks continue.

During the meeting with the high commissioner, the delegation favoured India to take this matter to the highest level.

India believes that the Sheikh Hasina Government has acted against fundamentalist groups as far as extremist elements were concerned.

Politics erupts over Bangladesh Violence

Meanwhile, this issue has become a hot political debate in India. The BJP West Bengal leaders linked this violence with illegal immigration in the state of West Bengal as well as in Assam.

The opposition is also using this issue to target the government over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Congress minister Milind Deora slammed the central government for not framing CAA for the last 2 years. He said that the idea of the entire CAA law was to safeguard the persecuted minorities even from the neighboring countries. It has been 2 years and this law has not been implemented yet. Therefore, the opposition alleged that CAA was meant to polarize voters in India.

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Shiv Sena had also stepped into the matter. A day before Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi questioned the Modi government and tweeted, “Durga Puja celebrations attacked, ISKCON temple attacked, targeted attacks on homes of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. Not even a word of concern from the government of India. Where is the much-touted CAA?”

On the other hand, Mos Home Nitish Pramanik called Bangladesh violence, a matter of concern. He further added that the mission in Dhaka is in touch with the Bangladesh government.

Bangladeshi Hindus to India, “Save Us”

Now, the Hindu minority in Bangladesh hopes high from India about their miserable condition in their own country. Although India has acknowledged Sheikh Hasina Government’s steps to protect minorities, victims are in the state of dubitation. As in the past also similar steps of atrocities happened, similar steps and assurance were given but no stringent punishments were levied on such perpetrators.

The need of the hour is to set an example by providing exemplary punishments to the miscreants who had carried out not just acts of vandalism but also killing in these mob attacks.  

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