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What Is Sleep Hygiene? Insights from Dr. Banerjee & Yoga Instructor Fenil Purohit

What Is Sleep Hygiene? Embark on a journey to better sleep with Dr. Kushal Banerjee's sleep hygiene guidance and Fenil Purohit's Yoga Nidra insights. Discover the human side of sleep, holistic well-being, and health.

What Is Sleep Hygiene: Expert Tips on Sleep Hygiene and Yoga Nidra’s Role in Wellness


What Is Sleep Hygiene? Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just a luxury—it’s a crucial part of taking care of ourselves. Dr. Kushal Banerjee emphasizes how our bodies undergo important processes during sleep, like storing new information, removing toxins, and reorganizing nerve cells. According to him, irregular or insufficient sleep can be linked to various mental and physical health issues, affecting everything from our mood and memory to overall brain function.

Banerjee on Sleep Quality

Dr Banerjee highlights the importance of proper sleep hygiene, advising that it’s not just about the number of hours but the quality of sleep. He explains that our biological clock, connected to the natural rhythm of day and night, influences the effectiveness of our sleep cycles. Even if we catch up on sleep over the weekend, it won’t fully compensate for a week of poor sleep habits.

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To help us improve both the duration and quality of our sleep, Dr Banerjee suggests looking at our entire day. From waking up early for exercise and a meal to maintaining consistent mealtimes, each step contributes to a healthier sleep routine. Avoiding late caffeine intake and limiting screen time before bed are also crucial, as they impact our circadian rhythm.

Mugdha Pradhan, a functional nutritionist, emphasizes the role of circadian rhythm in metabolic functioning. Hormones like ghrelin, leptin, and insulin, influenced by the sleep hormone melatonin, play a significant role in our metabolism. Disrupting these hormones through sleep deprivation can lead to issues like weight gain and obesity.

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Purohit: Yoga Nidra Insight

Speaking of sleep alternatives, Fenil Purohit, a yoga instructor, introduces Yoga Nidra, a practice that induces deep relaxation. While Yoga Nidra can be beneficial for insomnia or night shifts, Fenil stresses that it’s not a long-term substitute for sleep. Quality sleep remains essential for mental and physical well-being, and Yoga Nidra serves as a complementary practice rather than a replacement.

Fenil also humanizes the practice by addressing who should approach Yoga Nidra with caution. Individuals with severe depression, trauma, or certain mental health conditions may need professional guidance before trying Yoga Nidra. The practice requires maintaining awareness during relaxation, making it important for those who may struggle with that aspect to seek advice from healthcare professionals.

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In essence, taking care of our sleep is a holistic journey that involves understanding our body’s natural rhythms, adopting healthy habits throughout the day, and recognizing the role of practices like Yoga Nidra as supportive tools rather than complete substitutes for a good night’s sleep.

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