Can Air Fryer Cause Cancer ?

The fact is that in comparison with deep frying, air frying should be safer for you. However, some risks remain.

Can your air fryer give you cancer?

Many of the air fryer enthusiasts have also raised concerns about the possibility of air fryers causing cancer. On the contrary air fryers can not cause cancer but air frying does create substances( acrylamides) which are considered “probable” carcinogens. The air fryer, indeed, is beneficial because it gives you the flavor and texture of fried foods but with a little oil compared to frying in a deep fryer (leading to a decreased risk of heart disease). Secondly the amount of oil also lowers your exposure to acrylamides than deep-fried foods would (due to the less oil while cooking). This blog  covers the advantages and risks of air fryers as well as a potential carcinogen which is presented by regular consumption of deep fried foods like French fries and fried chicken.

Benefit Of Using Air Fryer-

Reduced Exposure to Reheated Oil

The air fryers require only a few tablespoons of oil to be used in the “frying” process. Moreover, more oil is used for deep frying, and, in this connection, there is a bigger chance of oil being thrown away and also the reusing of oil. It is obvious that these risks to health are a drawback. Heating oil at high temperatures results in change of its composition leading to release of a carcinogenic chemical called acrolein. There are chances of more acrolein production if the oil is repeatedly used which is referred to as thermally abused oil. There are a number of detrimental effects of Thermally abused oils.

Air Fryer And Cancer –

Reused oil may possibly have carcinogenic effects, as well as a deep-frying process. The two main things to keep in mind are chemicals, named acrylamides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that come into existence during cooking and which are the most hazardous compounds.


During high-temperature cooking processes like frying, roasting, and baking, acrylamide is a cancerous agent that can develop in food . Acrylamides do not come from the cooking oil as such but from the interaction of sugar and the amino acid called asparagine when they are exposed to very high temperatures. Intake of a certain amounts of acrylamide that also forms in the smoke inhaled by the smokers. As air frying uses less oil acrylamide level is reduced.

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The research has revealed that carcinogens appear mostly during frying and can lead to a number of different types of the cancer. For example, probable carcinogenic compounds such as acrolein, acrylamides and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are all produced through this process. Furthermore, on average, most manufacturers of models produced after 2013 avoid using the Teflon material that does contain harmful perfluorooctanoic acid (a synthetic chemical) which has made them safer to use. A health concern given this is the case with air frying, although such risk is thought to have a significantly less severity because instead of heating a large amount of oil, only a limited amount of oil is used; oil isn’t aerosolized during cooking, and oil is not reused (which is frequently the case with deep frying). The fact is that in comparison with deep frying, air frying should be safer for you. However, some risks remain.

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