Avoid These 5 food items in the IBS Diet!

As far as IBS is concerned, the worst options differ from person to person. However, they often include insoluble fiber, gluten, dairy, fried items, beans and legumes, caffeinated drinks, processed foods, sugar-free sweeteners.

IBS Diet: 5 food items should be avoided

IBS is a widespread gut disorder involving millions worldwide. It could cause your tummy to become achy, gassy, and your bowel may act weird too.What causes IBS? We don’t know exactly. Although it may be the same situation, it is possible to feel it in a different way. One of the main issues concerning managing IBS is becoming familiar with the foods that elicit your symptoms. Here are  some foods to avoid in the IBS diet –

Raw tomatoes

From the point of view of Dr. Harsh Kapoor who is well known for his research, “As tomatoes are highly acidic in nature, they may cause irritation to the digestive system especially in the people who have sensitive stomach or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They also have some carbohydrates content and fiber that may cause symptoms of gas and abdominal bloating. So, it is better to have cooked tomatoes for IBS patients.

Oily spicy foods

Fats, particularly those found in fried and oily dishes, slow down digestion and induce bowel spasms, which may worsen the symptoms of IBS.In addition bullying spicy food may trigger the gastrointestinal system to react generating pain and inflammation. Balancing your spice levels and choosing healthier options such as lighter and the less oil ones will keep you safe from any digestive problems from being too hot or oily.

Raw Onions

The fermentation of fructans, which are a type of carbohydrate, in the stomach can cause bloating, gas, and overall discomfort, especially in people with IBS. These compounds when being released while cooking the onions can be broken down easily by our digestive system thus making them even better to digest.

Excessive grains

People with irritable bowel syndrome can experience a worsening of the condition when consuming wheat products with a lot of oil, but some people can also be sensitive to gluten, which can be found in both whole grains and processed foods. Individuals that have issues with gluten, find it in wheat, barley and rye, it is suggested that they would best have limited or no intake of those foods.

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In IBS functioning, one major priority is to ensure the correct selection of foods. The improvement of the symptoms and the entire digestive health can be done through the avoidance of stimulatory foods such as vegetables like raw tomatoes and onions, foods with extra fat, irritative spicy foods, foods with rich cereals and cabbage. Also, restriction of portion size and moderate cooking methods might contribute to the ease of place of digestion and the improved health of the digestive tract for those who suffer from IBS.

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