Bangalore Businessman Buys India’s First Ferrari Purosangue For Whopping Rs 10.5 Cr | Watch Viral Video

Bangalore Businessman makes history with India's first Ferrari Purosangue, a Rs 10.5 Cr powerhouse in Nero Daytona, topping 310 kmph. Watch the viral unveiling!

Bengaluru Business Tycoon Acquires India’s First Ferrari Purosangue for a Staggering Rs 10.5 Cr | Witness the Viral Unveiling

Ferrari’s unparalleled Purosangue has officially made its grand entrance into the Indian luxury car scene, finding a home in the garage of a prominent Bangalore Businessman. The exclusive supercar, debuting in 2022, is the first of its kind in India, captivating enthusiasts with its distinctive Nero Daytona black exterior and groundbreaking four-door, four-seat configuration.

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Unveiling the Marvel: A Social Media Spectacle

The news of this extravagant purchase spread like wildfire across social media platforms, as the automotive community marveled at the stunning visuals shared by the proud owner. Instagram handle automobiliardent, dedicated to showcasing exquisite automobiles, tagged the owner in a captivating post, revealing, “The Ferrari Purosangue is here much earlier than we expected it to be! @bren_garage takes delivery of the very first car in India, just a couple of months after the global deliveries kicked off.”

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The caption continued to describe the visual appeal of this luxury beast, stating, “Just like all his SUVs, the Purosangue too is finished in black, Nero Daytona with blacked-out wheels and Iroko interior.” The post concluded with warm congratulations to the owner, acknowledging the remarkable addition to his already impressive collection of Ferraris.

Power Unleashed: Ferrari Purosangue’s Heart-Pounding Engine

One cannot ignore the heart of this powerhouse — the Ferrari Purosangue is fueled by a commanding 6.5-litre V12 engine. Delivering an astonishing 715 bhp and 716 Nm of peak torque, this engineering marvel is coupled with a 2-speed power transmission and an 8-speed DCT rear-set dual-clutch setup. This amalgamation allows the supercar to channel its formidable power to all four wheels, promising an exhilarating driving experience.

Exhilarating Speeds: Breaking Down the Purosangue’s Performance Metrics

The brand boasts impressive performance metrics for the Purosangue, claiming it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 3.3 seconds. Pushing the boundaries further, the supercar can achieve 0-200 kmph in just 10.6 seconds, a testament to its unrivalled speed and agility. With a top speed reaching an impressive 310 kmph, the Purosangue solidifies its position at the zenith of the luxury car segment.

Indian Very First Ferrari Purosangue which got delivered to Bangalore famous garage. Congratulations to the @bren_garage & Congratulations… | Instagram

Garage Royalty: Purosangue Joins an Elite Fleet of Ferraris

The proud owner of this groundbreaking Purosangue isn’t a stranger to Ferrari’s allure. The Instagram post shed light on the impressive lineup already gracing the gentleman’s garage, featuring a prestigious collection that includes an F430, a 458 Speciale, a 488 Pista, an SF90, and an 812 Competizione. This latest addition, with its combination of a naturally aspirated V12 engine and everyday usability, is set to be a showstopper on the streets of Bangalore.

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Conclusion: A Milestone for Indian Supercar Enthusiasts

As the roar of the Ferrari Purosangue echoes through the streets of Bangalore, it marks a significant milestone for Indian supercar enthusiasts. The acquisition of India’s first Purosangue by a Bengaluru-based businessman not only exemplifies a passion for speed and luxury but also serves as a symbol of the country’s growing presence in the global luxury car market. With its distinctive design, powerhouse performance, and a place among the elite Ferraris in the owner’s collection, the Purosangue promises to be a timeless icon in Indian supercars.

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