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7 Events Conducted amid the Pandemic that were Prone to be the Super Spreader

Events Conducted amid the Pandemic that were Prone to be the Super Spreader but were still conducted

Well, it is no denying the fact that in the last few months, people did start to take Coronavirus lightly. There have been a lot of public gatherings, meetings, and sessions, no matter how much important they were, could have been avoided. A situation like that of a coronavirus pandemic puts the lives of people at stake and what can be more important than life. But there are several gatherings and events that still took place amid the pandemic, and people and politicians choose to celebrate those events irrespective of the pandemic. So, here we are, calling out all the events conducted amid the pandemic that was prone to be a super spreader but were still conducted.

The Protest Movement

The pandemic started when the Shaheen Bagh Protesters were protesting against the CAA-NRC, and with the lockdowns, the protest was called off. But as we moved forward to the unlocking process, with the Hathras Rape Case in October, protestors in heavy numbers protested on several locations in Delhi, including Jantar Mantar and India gate. And post that, with the passing of Agri bills, the farmers stepped onto the roads in numbers that were unimaginable. Farmer’s protest is the world’s biggest protest movement but in a pandemic-like situation, they were prone to be a super spreader, and who knows, they have been. While these protests have been mandatory ones, but have surely contributed to the conditions of Coronavirus at present.

Chhat Puja Celebrations

The Chhat Puja was in November, and people gathered in huge numbers to celebrate the occasion. Well, we know festivities are very important for people but are they above someone’s life? And a festival like Chhat was the one where people bathe in the water body, that was perhaps a decent way for the virus to spread. And well, the occasion was absolutely prone to being a super spreader.

The Holi Celebration 

Well, it is ad to say, but people have celebrated Holi by showing up in huge numbers. In Vrindavan, Pushkar, Jaipur, Barsana, Harayana, and all other places, where Holi is greatly celebrated, celebrated it with the same legacy, ignoring the fact that it can lead up to a super spreader.

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The Ramadan and Baisakhi Gatherings

Well, Ramadan and Baisakhi Gatherings are very auspicious events in Islam and Sikhism respectively. But as mentioned earlier, none of it can really amount to the value of the lives of many. And these gatherings have somewhere or the other contributed to the situation we are back in, again

Kumbh Mela

The last thing one can ever think of was a religious gathering, where people are allowed to come in uncountable numbers. Kumbh is one of the most auspicious fests of the Indian Culture but is it more than life? There aren’t many words that could express how the Kumbh gathering would have been affecting the present situation.

The Political Rallies

During the pandemic, two major elections have been conducted, one was the Bihar elections and the other, the ongoing West Bengal Elections. And while the situation during the Bihar elections was still under control, the images of political rallies of the ongoing West Bengal Elections are worst than we thought. And surely, it is contributing to the present condition.

So, these were the events conducted amid the pandemic that was prone to be a super spreader but were still conducted. It is disheartening to see that we let that happen, the government let that happen, the people made this happen. And now, we are back to ground zero, again facing the lockdowns. And while we hope for a speedy recovery, we request people to take the situation seriously and hold on to all the covid prevention measures.

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