Satish Kaushik Death Mystery: What was there in the Blue Pills?

Mai marna nhi chahta, muje bacha lo- The Satish Kaushik death mystery

Satish Kaushik death mystery: These were the last words of the veteran actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik. The Mr India actor’s sudden demise shocked the entire nation. The autopsy report suggested that Kaushik suffered a cardiac arrest while he was in a car. Nevertheless, his fans, friends and family were not convinced of the reasons. The mystery of his death is getting murkier day by day. The police have ruled out foul play in Satish Kaushik’s death.

‘My husband killed him’- Satish Kaushik death mystery

The second wife of businessman and Kuber Group’s director Vikas Malu, Saanvi Malu had written to the Delhi commissioner. She accused her husband of murdering Satish Kaushik. In her letter, Saanvi alleged that the actor had loaned her husband 15 crores and met him abroad once to get his money back.

Satish Kaushik attended a party a day before his death. The party was hosted by one of his friends at a farmhouse in Southwest Delhi. Upon investigation, the Delhi police recovered some medicines. Saanvi suspected that Vikas could have been the person behind the untimely demise of the actor. She alleged that Vikas might have poisoned Kaushik to get rid of the huge loan. She also claimed that her husband had told her he would give Satish some blue pills served by Russian girls.

However, Vikas Malu has defied all the accusations levelled by his wife. He said that he has no hand in Kaushik’s death, nor he has taken any loan from the deceased. Refuting Saanvi’s claims, he said that he had only family relations with Kaushik and they both were not involved in any business.

Last year Saanvi also accused her husband of raping her.

Who is Vikas Malu?

Vikas Malu the owner of the Kuber Group had begun its business by selling tobacco products. His empire is now expanded to 50 countries and he owns 45 businesses. With sound business sense, he leads 12 of the group’s total companies. Recently, he was appointed as the director of Vardhman International Private Limited.

The Kuber Group was founded by Vikas Malu’s father Moolchand Malu. The brand’s Kuber Khaini alone sells over rs.16 crores. The company also sells mouth fresheners, paan masala, incense sticks etc.

Vikas Malu lives a sumptuous lifestyle. His Instagram profile shows that the businessman has a good connection with Bollywood biggies too.

What happened that night?

Recalling what happened on that fateful night, Satish’s manager Santosh Rai told the media agency that they were sleeping in their rooms at the hotel in Delhi. At 12:05 am Satish started calling out his name.

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Santosh said, “At 12:05 am he started calling out my name very loudly. I came running and asked him, ‘what happened, sir? Kyun chilla rahe ho? Why didn’t you call me on the phone instead?’” He told me, “Listen, I am having difficulty in breathing. Please take me to a doctor”.

Talking about what happened in the car, Santosh recollected that as they started and went a little ahead, his chest pain increased and he said, “Jaldi chalo hospital.” Then, he put his head on my shoulder and said, “Santosh, main marna nhi chahta, muje bacha lo.” We reached the hospital in eight minutes as the road was empty maybe because of Holi, but by the time, we entered the premises, he was unconscious.

Satish Kaushik’s final rites were performed on March 9. Meanwhile, Delhi Police has initiated a probe into the matter and is trying to figure out the truth behind Saanvi’s claims.

We pray for the soul to rest in peace.

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