Rubina Dilaik: The New Reigning Queen of India

Rubina Dilaik, a woman dared to dream big

The one name who is ruling the TV industry these days is – Rubina Dilaik.  After winning the Bigg Boss 14, Rubina is on cloud nine and has set a benchmark for her fellow fishes. She is indeed one of the most popular actors in the television industry. She is not just known for her acting but also for her style, intelligence, and positive aura. On this women’s day, we are celebrating her spirit of chasing her dreams. From being a UPSC aspirant to an influential figure, Rubina has come a long way. She enjoys a huge fandom in not only India but different parts of the world as well.

” Strong fierce and boss lady….queen of hearts……#rubinadilaik” ~Gaurangikarlekar

” Rubina is witty and brave…an inspiration to all…empowering women all around the world.” ~ Aaliya, a fan from Pakistan.

This piece is for celebrating her breakthroughs and her inspiring journey. Here a few valid reasons why do we love her? Take a look:

She speaks her heart out 

There are two types of people in this world- One who follow their mind and others who follow their heart. It is good if people can strike a balance, but people who follow their heart glow differently and Rubina is one of them. She spoke about her mental health issues on national television, she also admitted that her relationship with Abhinav was going through a rough phase on the sets of Bigg Boss, Rubina speaks her heart out. For a public figure, it is not easy to address such issues.  She openly talked about it and normalized the conversation of mental health and issues in marriage. This makes her so relatable. People can actually relate to her, especially women. Kudos to her! Because we know addressing such issues is not easy. It takes a lot of guts. This proves she is a strong woman with a soft heart.

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Chota Seher, Bada Sapna- She proved nothing can come your way if you are passionate

We all know Rubina is a go-getter. She is a dedicated woman, who doesn’t believe in giving up, and we all got the glimpse doer Rubina on the sets of Bigg Boss 14. Rubina hails from Shimla and was born to Gopal Dilaik and Shakuntla Dilaik. Her father is a writer and has written many books! Basically, writing is in her blood. Rubina has two siblings and she is the eldest one.  She rose to fame from Choti Bahu, and then went on to become a household name when she appeared in Shakti.  But do you know she was preparing for UPSC before acting happened to her?  After winning Ms North India Pageant in the year 2008, she auditioned for Choti Bahu and got selected for the role of Radhika. It was a path-breaking moment for her. After that, there was no looking back for her. Success didn’t come easy to her, but she proved that if you keep the passion alive in you “ Puri Kayanat tumhe tumhari manzil tak le jaati hai.”

When she had to let go of her Apartment and Car- But she lost everything but not her confidence

The initial days of her career were really tough. She got fame and popularity from the show, but she wasn’t getting money. Do you know after a certain period of time, she was left with no money and had to sell her car and apartment?  She worked in many soaps including Pavitra Rishta, Dev Ke Dev Mahadev, Banoo mai Teri Dulhan, Kasam se, and many more. All of the shows had a guest appearance of Rubina Dilaik. Once a director said – “Is Seb Ki peti ko Himachal wapas bhejo”. Apparently, she took 17 retakes to give on shot back then.  After struggling for a quite long time, she got a breakthrough in Shakti.

Pyaar -Vyaar and Shaadi with Abhinav Shukla

Before getting married to Abhinav Shukla, she was in a rumoured relationship with her Choti Bahu  Co-star Avinash Sachdev.  They dated each other for a long time but things didn’t work out.   Post her break up with Avinash, Abhinav entered Rubina’s life. According to reports, the duo met through a common friend. Both of them worked in Shakti together and started seeing each other. In the year 2018, they got married and promised to live happily after. During Bigg Boss 14, Rubina admitted that all was not well between the two of them, and they were thinking of filing a divorce.  But guess what? Bigg Boss happened to them at the right time and now they have resolved their issues.

Rubina’s positive energy attracts everyone

Her aura is positive and her personality is charismatic.  Her social media is proof that she practices gratitude. If you are Rubina’s fan and even if you are not, you can stumble upon her Instagram account to get instant positivity. Three things that she does to be happy and positive. Trust us, we can do it too for a meaningful and happy life.

1. She practices yoga – It keeps your mental and physical health balanced. A 10-minute yoga session can make a big difference.

2. Rubina keeps her loved ones very close to her:  You can find a plethora of pictures where she can found having fun with her loved ones. Be it her family or friends, she knows how to prioritise relationships.

  1. Last but least, she travels often which is again a soul satiating experience and keeps motivating her fans through her thoughtful posts.

Empowered woman empowers other women – And it makes the world a beautiful place for women

This women’s day, we are celebrating the empowered women of the TV industry. It is refreshing to see that actresses today believe in supporting each other. They try to empower each other and it is a breath of fresh air. Earlier, this year we saw how empowered women of the industry such as Hina Khan, Krystle D’Souza, Nia Sharma and Rashmi Desai kept extending their support to her. This was refreshing yet another benchmark in the history of television history.

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