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Rani Mukerji Birthday: A Queen who never fell for Fair Skin Trap

Rani Mukerji’s ‘Best Relationship Advice’ to Saif, here is why all men should take notes

Rani Mukerji turned 45 today and justifies her name totally. She is the OG Queen of Bollywood. On her birthday, let’s take a throwback on her life incidents and why she deserves the title.

Rani Mukerji Birthday Special

Born on 21 March 1978, Rani Mukerji was closely knitted with the Indian film industry. But she was never interested in using connections and to get a big break. However, she chose acting as a part-time job and worked in a regional Bengali film Biyer Phool. At the age of 18, she did her first Bollywood film Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat. But Rani got critical acclaim only after the release of Ghulam. Remember, Aati Kya Khandala! 

An actress who never fell for Fair Skin Trap

Rani entered Bollywood at a time when white-skinned actresses were considered beautiful. An actress had to be extremely privileged if she wanted to work in Bollywood in the 90s. And the ones who were not had to undergo skin whitening treatment to fit societal norms. 

Undoubtedly, there was huge pressure on Rani to change her skin tone. But the Queen chose to sneer and never paid heed to anyone’s opinion. Commendable! 

She faced another bias as well when some filmmakers remarked on her voice saying, “It’s too husky and may not suit her role. So, it’s better to get her lines dubbed”.

When she was labelled as a home breaker

Defying all the comments, Rani continued doing films. But something happened in 2000. The actress was paired with Govinda for Hadh Kardi Aapne. Several media outlets and industry people suspected that something was brewing between the two. At the time it was well known that Govinda was already married to Sunita and the father of 2 kids. 

The actor allegedly gave several luxurious gifts to Rani including cars, jewellery, and an apartment. As per reports, a rift emerged between Sunita and Govinda and the actor’s wife moved out of the house. These were enough to label the then 22-year-old actress a ‘home-breaker’. 

However, Govinda eventually decided not to divorce his wife for Rani, resulting in the end of this affair. 

Do you know Aishwarya was upset with Rani? Not for Abhishek but for Shahrukh

Yes, the infamous incident of Salman Khan creating a ruckus on the sets of Chalte Chalte led to the replacement of Aishwarya with Rani. The two actresses were very good friends, therefore Aishwarya might have certain expectations from the latter that she may turn down the film. 

But the Mardaani actress preferred to keep her professional and personal relationships separate. 

While shooting for Bunty and Babli, Abhishek and Rani got close and even decided to tie the knot. But Jaya aunty being Jaya! 

It is said that Jaya Bachchan said something which didn’t go well with Rani Mukerji’s family and they turned down the rishta leading to separation in real life between the on-screen pair. 

However, Rani gathered herself and focused on her film career. But the year 2007 was the time when many films flopped at the box office and in 2010 not even a single film by Mukerji was released. Everyone thought it was time for Rani to say goodbye to the industry. But, who knew that Rani was just a few steps back to take a big leap? 

Make a way, the OG Queen is coming

In 2011, Rani came back stronger. Her film No One Killed Jessica was a massive hit. 

The actress also had a fair share of controversy. Rani once said Mujhe Kale Ladke Pasand Hai and she was heavily slammed for the statement. 

However, the actress said in her defence that Kala is not a Gaali. This is just a replacement for the popular phrase tall, ‘dark’ and handsome. 

Later in 2014, the news broke that Rani Mukerji tied the knot with Aditya Chopra in Italy. The actress was tight-lipped about her relationship and prevented it from the media ki nazar. She took a break after marriage. 

In 2018, she made a huge comeback with Hichki which earned 200 crores at the box office. 

Many actresses struggled hard to make a comeback in films, but Rani was exceptional. She not only made a successful comeback but gave back-to-back hits. This proves that her fans will never let her lose her stardom. 

A piece of Relationship advice by Rani Mukerji that every man should follow

In the 1st season of Kareena Kapoor’s show ‘What Women Want’, Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan came as a guest. The trio talked about time management, finances, sharing responsibilities, and much more.

Amid all these statements, there is one thing which caught our attention when Saif talked about a piece of advice that Rani had given to him when he had just started dating Kareena Kapoor.

Here is what he said:

“She said to behave like you are going out with a man. Well, I understood what she meant. Don’t get into the gender and get ready to welcome another hero into the house. Two people working and if they understand each other well, you will have no problem.”

Well, we have to say Rani is right. This is the crux of modern relationships. Don’t get into the gender and treat your partner as a real partner! Equality is the mantra of a happy relationship. 

A brief review of Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway

Rani Mukerji was never afraid of losing relevance in the film industry. Her stardom doesn’t need any big Bollywood male counterparts. From Mardani to Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, Rani has delivered several female-driven movies. 

A thought-provoking intense movie, Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, Rani’s recent movie released with a beautiful storyline and excellent performances. The movie depicts family values and the power of a mother to fight against a whole nation for her children in a perfect way.

 Rani Mukerji shines as Mrs Chatterjee. You can‘t look away from her whenever she comes on screen. She emotes every emotion with utter perfection. This is one of her best performances to date.

 If you are a Rani fan and want to watch some thought-provoking drama then this one is a must-watch.

Happy Birthday, Rani, You are the OG Queen!

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