One Piece Anime: Egghead Arc Release Date Revealed!

Sail to Egghead Island as Straw Hats bid goodbye to Wano arc. Futuristic tech, new characters await! Marking final saga in One Piece.

One Piece Anime Launches Egghead Arc Release Date and Bids Farewell to Wano Saga, Say Hello to Futuristic Adventure! 

In a heartfelt goodbye to the epic Wano arc, One Piece Anime gears up for a new adventure by announcing the release date for its next arc, Egghead, through a fresh video. Spanning an incredible 195 episodes and taking four years to complete, Episode 1085 marked the grand finale of the colossal Wano arc.

The Straw Hats now set sail for the Egghead Island, commencing their latest journey. The upcoming arc’s adaptation is scheduled to kick off on January 7, 2024, Sunday, marking the beginning of the eleventh arc and the initiation of the final saga.

Surprising fans, the creators released a promotional video teasing the Egghead Island arc. This sneak peek, projecting 500 years into the future, showcases the island crafted by the World Government’s brilliant scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, who has established his laboratory there.

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The video emphasises cutting-edge laboratories and futuristic technology. It even hints at a colossal robot and introduces a new character—a woman donning attire adorned with the Punk 02 logo.

Before diving into the Egghead arc, the series will deliver transitional episodes, starting with episode 1086 next week. These episodes will spotlight the alliance between Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile, while delving into the Revolutionary Army’s actions, particularly Sabo’s fate following Cobra’s assassination in the Reverie.

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The farewell to the Wano arc triggered emotional reactions from fans, expressing gratitude for Toei’s remarkable adaptation:

“From episode 890 to 1085, July 9th, 2019, to November 25th, 2023, the Wano Country Arc is OFFICIALLY OVER!!” shared a fan on X.

“Thank you Toei for delivering this wonderful adaptation and making Wano arc into a legendary MASTERPIECE!” praised another enthusiast.

“Toshinori Fukusawa scores another great arc finale after WCI, nailing the emotional moments, the comedic moments and everything this episode needed, what a fantastic episode for an exceptionally adapted arc,” appreciated a dedicated viewer.

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The transition from Wano to Egghead promises a thrilling shift, building anticipation for what lies ahead in the captivating world of One Piece.

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