Lana Del Rey Is Kim Kardashian’s Valentine in Sexy SKIMS Lingerie Campaign: See the Glam Photos!

Lana Del Rey stuns in SKIMS' Valentine's Day campaign, embodying Old Hollywood glamour and cosy romance. Explore the sensual allure of the collection on Jan. 23.

Lana Del Rey Radiates Glamour in SKIMS Lingerie for Valentine’s Day: A Sensual Affair of Old Hollywood and Cozy Romance

See Lana Del Rey Model Sexy Lingerie in SKIMS Valentine's Day Campaign

A Star-Studded Collaboration: Lana Del Rey Joins the SKIMS Family

In a thrilling announcement, SKIMS revealed Lana Del Rey as the face of their Valentine’s Day campaign, set to launch on January 23. The collaboration between the 38-year-old “Say Yes to Heaven” singer and Kim Kardashian’s renowned brand promises a collection that seamlessly blends Lana’s timeless aesthetic with SKIMS’ signature style.

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Sensuality in Every Stitch: Lana Del Rey’s Seductive SKIMS Looks

The sultry ad campaign captures Lana Del Rey in all her glamorous glory, embracing the allure of Old Hollywood and vintage Americana. Dressed in SKIMS’ Valentine’s lingerie collection, the 11-time Grammy nominee showcases her sexiest looks to date. One striking image features Lana in a baby blue lace cutout bodysuit paired with gloves and bow barrettes, exuding coquettish charm while seated in a heart-shaped velvet chocolate box—a testament to her bombshell energy.

See Lana Del Rey Model Sexy Lingerie in SKIMS Valentine's Day Campaign

Lana Del Rey, the Gothic Bride: Lingerie as Bridalwear

If lingerie were ever to transition into bridalwear, Lana Del Rey would undoubtedly be the spokesperson. The artist dons a black slip and matching lace veil in a photo that defines the epitome of a “Gothic Bride” ensemble. With a nod to unconventional elegance, Lana brings a touch of mystery and romance to the SKIMS Valentine’s Day campaign.

Cosy Romance in SKIMS: Lana Del Rey Unveils Heart-Patterned Jammies

Beyond the realm of sultry lingerie, Lana Del Rey also showcases the softer side of the SKIMS Valentine’s Day collection. Dressed in heart-patterned cosy jammies, she epitomizes the comfort and romance that SKIMS aims to offer. The Valentine’s Shop boasts over 29 limited-edition collections, ranging from intimates to sleep sets and loungewear, ensuring a style for everybody.

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SKIMS’ Star-Studded Legacy: Lana Del Rey Joins Elite Company

Lana Del Rey joins an illustrious lineup of musicians, models, actors, and even Kardashian’s sisters who have collaborated with SKIMS. The brand’s expanding celebrity portfolio includes names like Nelly Furtado, Cardi B, Kim Cattrall, and Patrick and Brittany Mahomes. This collaboration is yet another milestone for SKIMS, which has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion and garnered attention from diverse industries.

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The Lana Del Rey x SKIMS collaboration promises an enchanting blend of sensuality, romance, and timeless elegance. With a diverse range of offerings in the Valentine’s Day collection, SKIMS continues to establish itself as a brand that caters to every individual, further solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the world of intimate apparel.

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