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Janhvi Kapoor’s Radiant Mumbai Oasis

Step into Janhvi Kapoor's Mumbai haven, a luminous space blending natural charm and family memories. Watch as she unveils the beauty, warmth, and legacy within her radiant abode.

Bollywood’s Heart: Janhvi Kapoor’s Home Tour Unveils Beauty, Memories, and Sridevi’s Legacy

Step into the heart of Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor’s new Mumbai abode, a haven radiating beauty and warmth. In an intimate tour for Asian Paints’ Where The Heart Is Season 7, Kapoor unveils her sanctuary, sharing how every corner reflects personal tales and pays tribute to her iconic late mother, Sridevi.

From her serene bedroom to the vibrant living room, the house embraces natural light through expansive glass windows, seamlessly blending functionality with architectural charm. Kapoor fondly narrates stories behind walls adorned with photographs, creating a tapestry of Kapoor family memories.

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Elegance Illuminated: Dining Splendor and Nature’s Embrace

The dining area, adorned with a grand crystal chandelier, offers an open view of nature, extending to a stylish bar-living space overlooking a balcony adorned with lush greenery. The entire house exudes warmth through carefully chosen artwork and artefacts, transforming a neutral space into a personalized haven.

Kapoor’s living room, a hub for family gatherings, showcases vibrant paintings, a giant glass window, and the presence of a significant black and white painting by Sridevi. The use of white marble throughout the house allows for creative freedom, embracing a neo-classical architectural touch.

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Venturing outdoors, the captivating space features terracotta walls, lush greenery, and water features, creating an inviting barbeque area. The second floor, accessed by a striking white spiral staircase, boasts an eclectic ambience, marked by a gallery wall adorned with family photos, preserving the rich history of the Kapoor family.

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In a touching moment, Kapoor expresses how the house symbolizes a fresh start and carries the spirit of her late mother, who, though absent physically, is omnipresent in the energy that fills every corner.

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