Latest – How the Instagram-viral ‘Girlfriend on Rent’ woman found out India is not Japan

With over 9 million views, a "girlfriend on rent" video is going viral on Instagram, but it's also drawing a lot of criticism.

How the Instagram-viral ‘Girlfriend on Rent’ woman found out India is not Japan

Divya Giri, a content writer from Gurugram who is 25 years old, never thought that what started out as a joke and an experiment would really leave her feeling “heartbroken.” “I saw that identical stuff was happening in Japan, so I posted that tape. I opted to share it on my Instagram because I didn’t have a website,” Divya explains. She said there were three reasons she asked for money before going on a date, and none of them had to do with money.

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The reel that went viral

Instagram’s algorithm is always a mystery, and sometimes we have no idea what gets viral. On the other hand, a number of elements, such as relatability and shareability, may boost its appeal. A reel can occasionally generate headlines in addition to making you chuckle. A recent viral video that not only grabbed news but also left many people in awe was the one in which “a girl offered to go on a date for money.”

The Instagram clip reads, “Rent me out on a date and let’s make some incredible memories together.” The reel claims that there is a price (very literally) associated with this date. In addition to being viral, Divya’s reel generated a lot of interest. Currently, the video has received over 10,000 comments and over 9.1 million views.

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Why is the success of these services in Japan?

In Japan, “renting a boyfriend” is nothing new. It’s true that you can rent out a father or other family member in Japan in addition to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Does it seem like people are lonely in Japan? Yes, that is accurate. Nearly 40% of Japanese people report feeling lonely, according to a recent survey that was published in The Japan News in 2023.

In addition, Tetsushi Sakamoto was named Japan’s first “Minister of Loneliness” in February 2021 by then-Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in an effort to combat the nation’s rising suicide rate. Japan’s lifestyle choices and aging population are to blame. According to experts, this is the reason why services of this nature are generally accepted and normalized in Japan.

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