‘I thought I was gonna die’ Sydney Sweeney recalls brush with death moment

"Hollywood's Sydney Sweeney faced a real-life scare filming 'Anyone But You' after a spider bite. Behind-the-scenes drama adds a thrilling twist to the rom-com."

“Sydney Sweeney’s Spider Bite Scare: A Brush with Death on the Set of Anyone But You”

I thought I was gonna die', Sydney Sweeney recalls near death moment while film | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

Many people share a common fear of spiders, and Hollywood actress Sydney Sweeney is no exception. The actress, busy filming for her upcoming project Anyone But You, recently disclosed a frightening experience on set. During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sydney revealed the details of the terrifying event while filming a scene with a trained spider. She revealed the moment when she truly thought she might die.

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Sydney Sweeney’s Chilling Experience with Spider Bite on Set

While discussing her role in the upcoming film Anyone But You on NBC’s show, the Euphoria actress shared the challenges of her character. Despite the animal being deemed safe to work with, Sydney Sweeney revealed that she was still bitten by a trained spider.

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Sydney was supposed to record a dramatic shot of herself coming across a huntsman spider on her partner’s underwear in one of the scenes. “They told me it was trained,” she said. “I don’t know how you train a freaking spider. There’s no way.”

When asked what happened next, the actress said, “The thing just starts biting me.” She continued by explaining that the team had assumed she might be acting as her scream became more intense, but they were unaware that it was genuinely severe. “But we’re in the middle of the scene, and I’m supposed to be screaming. But then my screaming got a little serious.”

“They thought I was making really serious dramatic choices in a rom-com. It was terrible. So no one cut. So I’m just standing there with this spider on my arm, biting me, and I’m screaming, and just everyone’s watching,” she added.

Luckily, Glen saw what was really going on and intervened to aid. Sydney’s injuries were treated by the team medic, who made the hilarious remark that she had become Spider-Woman as a result of the bite. “That was, like, a soul scream. I thought I was gonna die. Well, I was like, ‘It’s poisonous. I’m gonna die.’”

I thought I was gonna die' Sydney Sweeney recalls brush with death moment on set after a spider bite — The Indian Panorama

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Anyone But You: A Rom-Com with an Unexpected Twist

Anyone But You is an upcoming rom-com, slated for a 2024 release. After an amazing first date, Bea and Ben encounter a change in personality from a passionate attraction to a cold one, according to the official IMDB summary. But then, during an Australian destination wedding, their paths unexpectedly reunite. Acting as though they are a couple, they are bound by their responsibilities and an unforeseen turn of events. As the film promises laughter and love, Sydney Sweeney’s off-screen encounter with a spider adds an unexpected twist to the behind-the-scenes drama of this romantic comedy.


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